Saturday, July 31, 2010

Six Flags

This week has been filled with a lot less posting due to the fact that I have been racing to get my room ready. I  have been working but my official start date is on Monday( REALLY not looking forward to early mornings again!). The kids will start their  first full day the following Monday. For our last activity before school starts we went to Six Flags this past Thursday. The last time we went was when I was pregnant with Ella. So it has been a while. I only took these pictures before we went into the park. I did not want to have to keep up with my big camera all day.

As usual, Laney is making crazy faces in both pictures.

We got there around 12:00 about the time it was miserably hot. We rode 1 ride before heading to Skull Island( a water play area). After cooling off there, we rode a couple of more rides before heading to Thunder River( a water ride). So to say the least.....we did not ride a whole lot during the hottest portion of the day. To our amazement around 4:00 a majority of the people at Six Flags left. Some due to heat I'm sure but most were camp groups. So from 4 - 9 was the time to be there. NO LINES ....NO WAIT......NO SWEATING! It was wonderful! We looped a second time around the park and rode whatever we wanted to ride. Sometimes twice! 

A few tips for Six Flags

1. They open at 10:30 but we got there around 12:00 so we could eat lunch before going in.....saved $50.
2. There is a hotel across the street that will allow you to pay $5 to park. Other wise you can pay $15 inside the park( we chose this since we were going to be there until closing), $20 directly across from the park or $25 for valet.
3. Sign up for the Six Flags Reading Program. It is a program that gives a free ticket to each child of elementary age that completes 6 hrs of reading time. Since I homeschooled, I received a free ticket along with Laney.
4. Look or ask around about coupons. We had a friend who gave us a coupon off a cereal box for a free child's ticket with the purchase of an adult ticket.
5. Go on days when they have specials. Right now it is everyone pays kids prices. Full price for all of us on a regular day would have been $218 but instead we paid $79 for 5.
6. Since it was so hot, you get thirsty. We purchased 2 souvenir bottles for 19.99 which included unlimited refills all day. We definitely got our monies worth on this one. We mostly kept ours filled with Powerade.
7. Instead of buying supper, we bought a snack and ate after we left the park.......$40 saved. It says no food can be brought in but I saw several with sandwiches and snacks.


  1. We had a great time, but it was HOT! And the girls didn't want to do water rides until the end and a storm came up so they closed it all down. Oh, well. There's always next year! I met a mom there who also homeschooled and did the reading program. All of them were free since she signed up her and her husband as a "reading teacher" and then all the kids K and up got free tickets too. So next year Alex will also be a teacher! Have fun tomorrow!

  2. Great advice! Glad you guys had so much fun!