Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beach pictures take 2

If you saw our previous post, then you know our first shot at pictures failed miserably. Ella had just woken up and was not in a good mood. She did much better for our second round. This will also be my last post for a few days. As many of you know we are moving to Warner Robins, Ga. It is going to be crazy around here! Goodbye Crestview!

We will miss all of our friends here (and of course the BEACH!). Even though I am very SAD to leave everyone here, I am excited to be back with all my friends in Georgia.

Happy Birthday Laney!

My sweet Laneybug turned 7 yesterday.Well....I guess I should say 2 days ago since it is now 12:30. Our day was crazy because we were in Ga for part of the day and then planning to go home. We squeezed in a birthday lunch for her at Burger King. She was so thrilled to be able to order whatever she wanted. She chose a happy meal of course with apple fries. I rarely order happy meals so they are a treat in our family. My friend Cheryl made Laney cupcakes for her birthday. They were so yummy and so much better than the Walmart brand I was going to get her. Thank you Cheryl!!!!!!

Saturday, Laney had her party at Build A Bear. She invited a few of her closest friends. We(I mean I) wanted to keep it simple and easy. Now if you know me then you know I like to go all out with the theme planned parties for my kids. I had to go the easy route because we are moving to Ga this week. I must say it was a lot less stressful.

The girls and their bears.

Laney and her friends.

Little sister Ella could not wait to get started. Here she is listening so attentively to the host giving instructions. I wish she listened that well for me. I almost think she had more fun than Laney.

They played a few silly games.

After Build A Bear, We walked over to ColdStone Creamery where I ordered their ice cream birthday cupcakes. If you have not tried them yet you should. They were yummo! They have a layer of cake, ice cream and frosting with sprinkles all in a chocolate cup. Perfect single serving. You do have to eat them quickly or they can become messy.

Her birthday celebrating is still not over. She will have party with family once we move to GA.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Why is my house a mess?

Friday we went to Pensacola Beach to see the Blue Angels. We had such a great time! The only thing missing was Carmel(he had to work). Laney and our neighbors kids Jordan, Gracie and Bella.
Griffin and Brandon

They had hoses in the middle of the sand that sprayed water out. We took advantage of those several times. While the planes flew, no one was allowed in the water. They were quite refreshing!

I took this picture because I was amazed at how many people were there. Before the Blue Angels performed, they let everyone get in the water. There was this huge swarm of people racing for the water.

The Fat Albert

The Blue Angels

The Blue Angels get a little loud. Can you tell?

We had our going away party at church Friday night. We ate and then they gave us a few going away gifts. Carmel got a new helmet and gloves for his motorcycle. On Tuesday's for the past 2 years Ella and I have been going to Mrs Helen's house to paint. They gave Ella a quilt.

and I was given a hand painted Georgia peach chair. I have learned so much from Mrs. Helen and the other ladies. I will miss our Tuesdays together at the sweat shop.

Today we kept Carli while her mom had to go to a meeting. I needed something to keep them busy and for mine to keep them from aggrivating each other. I decided to make Edible Fun Dough. It is easy, fun, and best of all edible. The kids had a great time and it was great for all ages(notice Griffin playing). Laney made a snowman.
Griffin made a large cookie
Carli told me she made a snake Edible Fun Dough recipe:
1 cup peanut butter
1 cup honey
2 cups powdered milk
mix ingredients and play. Add more powdered milk to make it more workable dough.

My house is a mess because I would much rather have fun! I will let the packers pick it up.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beach pictures gone bad

We went this past Tuesday night with friends to Baytowne Wharf in SanDestin. On the way we decided to stop at the beach and take pictures. Well, that did not go so well. Ella fell asleep on the way down there and was not in a good mood when we had to wake her up. She cried the whole time 5 cameras were going off. We were hoping atleast one would turn out but no luck. I guess we will have to try another evening. The picture below is one that was taken right before we gave up. Notice my lovely husband. Can you tell he has no patience. I did think it was pretty humorous later on that night.
This is what Ella did the whole time.

This was the only one we got of Ella that was good.

I did however get a few of Griffin and Laney.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4thof July

I have decided to finally try blogging. I am very new at this and am hoping to become alot better after much needed advice(Tara and Amber - blog pros) and practice. I am mainly doing it because I enjoy looking at other blogs so much that I wanted to create one for our family. We are getting ready to move again and I am hoping that it will help keep me in touch with friends and family. I thought a good start would be the 4th of July weekend so here goes. Griffin had spent the week with my parents so they brought him home and decided to stay the weekend. We spent most of the day at the beach. We soaked up the sun, caught a few waves and buried Griffin in the sand. I am a beachy kind of girl so that was a perfect way to spend the day( I am going to miss being close to the beach). We came back home to get ready to go to the annual Buck's Pond 4th of July. Some friends of our host it at their pond. I decided to make the girls matching outfits. Yes, I caught the matching bug but in my defense the girls love it too! I thought they turned out rather cute. Carmel was about to put on a black Harley Davidson shirt. WHAT???? I reminded him it was the 4th and we were wearing red, white and blue.He decided to change. Thank goodness! We had a great night of food, fun, fellowship and awesome fireworks. Whew! Next time I am going to have to do a shorter blog. I am tired and I can't feel my fingertips anymore. Thanks for reading! Now for pictures.......

My parents had Griffin the week before so they decided to bring him back and stay with us through the weekend. I am so glad they did because we had a great time!