Monday, November 2, 2015

It's all about nice feet!

After we gave the girl's facials, it was time to move to the feet and hands. I had 2 tables set up. One for the girls to choose their lotions, scrubs, salts, bottled water, etc. 

 The other table held cotton balls, files, a huge assortment of nail polish (thanks to her sister) and nail kits.

After the girls claimed their spot on the couch and their supplies, my assistants and I got to work on scrubbing, washing, soaking, rubbing and painting the girl's toes. This part definitely took the longest but the girls were very patient. They enjoyed every minute! As far as the workers, we were so tired after the feet that we never made it to their fingers. Most of them already had polish on their fingernails. 

Each girls received a tube with her name on it. She had a choice of bath salts or fizzy to place in her warm water. They also had the option of adding marbles to their tube for a relaxing feel. If you have never rolled you feet around on marbles in warm water, you should definitely try it! 

After the girl's feet dried, Ella opened up her presents. 

This was such a fun party to plan and execute! The older ladies at the party (the ones who did the work) agreed we should have a night just like this for us!