Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

 Christmas morning the kids opened their gifts from Santa.

Since the singer in our family received a SingStand, we took turns with karaoke.

After a late lunch, we opened up family gifts.
Ella was our Santa this year and passed out all the presents.

She definitely gets the award for being a speedy Santa. I think we opened gifts in record time.

 I was standing in the corner guarding 2 gifts to Carmel because they had to be opened in a certain order. I don't know how she got passed me but I look over at Carmel and he is opening the #2 gift before the #1 gift.
I did what any good wife would do.......I snatched it away before he finished!

 I don't think he really cared once he saw the #1 gift. The #2 gift was a game to go with the ps4.

Since we lost our sweet Chewy just recently, the girls and I worked on a project for the family. We let Griffin open it.

It was a shadow box filled with all the mementos of Chewy! 

It was a sweet tender moment!

My dad made the stone at the bottom of the picture with Chewy's name. We placed it on his grave.

After all the presents were moved out of the way, we took a few pictures in front of the tree. Somehow my parents and sister avoided having their picture made.

Although this Christmas was the first time we have not been in our own house, we were thankful to all be together!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Eve

 Our day started by making peanut butter balls for Santa

We got ready and headed to the mall for some ice skating.

I guess my niece felt safer with Griffin. She stuck pretty close to him!

After ice skating, the only 2 kids that could fit rode the train.

We grabbed a bite to eat and did a little shopping. 

The kids and I met Carmel over at his sister's house for supper and presents.

Next, it was home to prepare for the arrival of the jolly ole man!


Sunday, December 29, 2013

A few pre-Christmas activities.

We have had several activities during the month of December. I thought I would combine and share.

 Harley made a grand entrance after the Iron Bowl. He rolled my parents Auburn tree.

He made a few messes! 
I was not very good at taking pictures this year so you only have 2.

We went to a Christmas party at church for the kids. My kids said they were too old to sit in Santa's lap. As you can see I threatened and got my way!

Ella and her friends with Santa.

Ella told me later, "Mom.....that Santa had the worst breath!" 

coming from the same girl who got a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and mints last year!

We went to my nephews Christmas band concert.

We made a trip back to GA for a few days. While we were there, we visited the Tripp Family Lights.

Just a little fast food for the road!

Just some fun while out shopping with one of my girls!

Co-op Christmas party

Laney is part of a singing group. They performed Winter Wonderland during the party.

We had a Christmas party at my granny's.

After we got Ella's ears pierced a couple of weeks ago, we stopped at Chickfila for supper. My hubby had just come from work so he was still in uniform. A man walked up to our table, shook his hand, said "Thank you for your service!" and handed us a $25 gift card to Chickfila. We have never had that happen to us before!

It felt good to be the recipient of a paying it forward! 

For those of you that have tried it or do it often, thank you....it made our day! It made my husband feel appreciated for what he does!