Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

 Christmas morning the kids opened their gifts from Santa.

Since the singer in our family received a SingStand, we took turns with karaoke.

After a late lunch, we opened up family gifts.
Ella was our Santa this year and passed out all the presents.

She definitely gets the award for being a speedy Santa. I think we opened gifts in record time.

 I was standing in the corner guarding 2 gifts to Carmel because they had to be opened in a certain order. I don't know how she got passed me but I look over at Carmel and he is opening the #2 gift before the #1 gift.
I did what any good wife would do.......I snatched it away before he finished!

 I don't think he really cared once he saw the #1 gift. The #2 gift was a game to go with the ps4.

Since we lost our sweet Chewy just recently, the girls and I worked on a project for the family. We let Griffin open it.

It was a shadow box filled with all the mementos of Chewy! 

It was a sweet tender moment!

My dad made the stone at the bottom of the picture with Chewy's name. We placed it on his grave.

After all the presents were moved out of the way, we took a few pictures in front of the tree. Somehow my parents and sister avoided having their picture made.

Although this Christmas was the first time we have not been in our own house, we were thankful to all be together!

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