Saturday, July 31, 2010

Six Flags

This week has been filled with a lot less posting due to the fact that I have been racing to get my room ready. I  have been working but my official start date is on Monday( REALLY not looking forward to early mornings again!). The kids will start their  first full day the following Monday. For our last activity before school starts we went to Six Flags this past Thursday. The last time we went was when I was pregnant with Ella. So it has been a while. I only took these pictures before we went into the park. I did not want to have to keep up with my big camera all day.

As usual, Laney is making crazy faces in both pictures.

We got there around 12:00 about the time it was miserably hot. We rode 1 ride before heading to Skull Island( a water play area). After cooling off there, we rode a couple of more rides before heading to Thunder River( a water ride). So to say the least.....we did not ride a whole lot during the hottest portion of the day. To our amazement around 4:00 a majority of the people at Six Flags left. Some due to heat I'm sure but most were camp groups. So from 4 - 9 was the time to be there. NO LINES ....NO WAIT......NO SWEATING! It was wonderful! We looped a second time around the park and rode whatever we wanted to ride. Sometimes twice! 

A few tips for Six Flags

1. They open at 10:30 but we got there around 12:00 so we could eat lunch before going in.....saved $50.
2. There is a hotel across the street that will allow you to pay $5 to park. Other wise you can pay $15 inside the park( we chose this since we were going to be there until closing), $20 directly across from the park or $25 for valet.
3. Sign up for the Six Flags Reading Program. It is a program that gives a free ticket to each child of elementary age that completes 6 hrs of reading time. Since I homeschooled, I received a free ticket along with Laney.
4. Look or ask around about coupons. We had a friend who gave us a coupon off a cereal box for a free child's ticket with the purchase of an adult ticket.
5. Go on days when they have specials. Right now it is everyone pays kids prices. Full price for all of us on a regular day would have been $218 but instead we paid $79 for 5.
6. Since it was so hot, you get thirsty. We purchased 2 souvenir bottles for 19.99 which included unlimited refills all day. We definitely got our monies worth on this one. We mostly kept ours filled with Powerade.
7. Instead of buying supper, we bought a snack and ate after we left the park.......$40 saved. It says no food can be brought in but I saw several with sandwiches and snacks.

Monday, July 26, 2010

How do you celebrate turning 40?

Well, for me I would not know because I am not there yet....still just a babe. For my hubby this is how he did it.

I wanted to plan this huge 40th party but he suggested we go away for our anniversary instead. I am so glad we did! So we kept it simple......

We went and ate at Applebee's for lunch. When we got home, we gave him his presents. What do you do when you have been gone for about a month, getting a classroom ready, attended a family reunion the day get gift cards.

For the problem. Griffin put this together.

If you look a little closer, he even added his own personal touch.

It was yummy!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Look who turned 40 today????????

So your not that young guy anymore......... your definitely  just as hip.
So your starting to forget still have me to remember for you.
So you do not have as much hair.........less maintenance.
So you have put on a couple of pounds...........shoot.... you ran a marathon!
So you feel like your body is falling apart......that's what all that free Bengay, Tylenol,  Metamucil, etc is for.

Even though your getting older.......I'm more in love with you today than when you took me from my cradle.

Happy 40th Birthday!

Friday, July 23, 2010

American Girl

Yesterday, we traveled 2 hours north of Atlanta to go to the American Girl store in the  North Pointe Mall. We have been receiving the catalogs for several years and Laney has been drooling over them that long. At first, I could not understand why someone would pay $95 for a doll when you could get one at Walmart for under $10. The most I have paid for one was $40 and that was the Baby Alive. I was not planning to take her until I realized we lived so close to a store. So I offered to take Laney for her birthday. She was ecstatic and even more so when she found out the newest doll had her name. Let me just tell you if you have a girl and have not was well worth it. The whole experience of being in the store and taking your new doll to lunch was wonderful! I wish they would have had this when I was little.  I will warn you now......prepare your wallet! If you are not careful, you could end up having to take out a loan just for this place. Laney was wanting it all. I had to explain this was her first time and to take it slowly!!!!!

As soon as we drove up and saw the red, she was screaming.

Laney invited her little sister to her birthday extravaganza. I did have to explain to Ella that this was Laney's birthday present. If she liked it and wanted one for her birthday, she would have to wait until then. I did not want to have to empty out our savings in 1 trip.

Getting the doll was the easy part. She knew when I told her about the doll Lanie that is the one she wanted.

Picking out an outfit was the hard part. She had received some money for her birthday so the outfit is what she wanted to purchase. 1 hour later, she decided on the matching dress.

My mom joined us on this great adventure and I am so glad she did. It made the experience even more enjoyable.

After taking pictures, it was time for lunch. 

Your doll gets to sit in a special chair with you. If you do not have a doll, they have some you can borrow. Ella was excited that she got to pick one and bring it to lunch. 

They brought each doll a little muffin for them Laney and Ella to eat.

We had to tell Lanie( the doll) that smoking carrots was not allowed in the Bistro.

For lunch, we all picked out a starter and then a main course. I thought the food was delicious! Laney chose a veggie platter for her starter and Tic Tac Toe pizza for the main course.

After lunch, we walked around the mall. Before we left to go home, Laney had to take one last look around the store to see what to put on her wish list. I will let Santa handle that one!

We had a great time and will definitely go back ........once we build our savings back up!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Wonderful Weekend!

This past weekend my hubby and I went to Savannah, Ga for our anniversary. It was so wonderful! Carmel planned the whole getaway and left me in suspense. We left Friday and arrived here.....

The President's Quarters Inn

This was a bed and breakfast located in the heart of Savannah. I have never stayed at a bed and breakfast so this was a real treat. Each room here was named after a president. We stayed in the John F Kennedy room.

This room was incredible.

How do you know when you are staying somewhere really nice?

1. You have a fireplace in your room.

2. Your toilet paper has a gold sticker on it.

3. There are his and her robes hanging in the closet.

4. You need a step stool to get into bed.

5. You have a staircase leading to your private entrance.

6. At night, they turn down your covers and leave you with....... not a mint but a bag of  sweet treats on your pillow.

After we investigated the entire room, we headed to the Savannah Riverwalk to browse and eat.

The next morning we ate breakfast at the inn.... which was delicious! Then we boarded a bus for the Paula Deen tour. I enjoyed the tour but I'm not sure about Carmel. He said "as long as you are having a good time I am too" ....I did see him snoozing a few times though. Our tour guide was telling us a story of Paula's life. Carmel turned to me one time and said," Did I miss her divorce?"  On the tour, we stopped at a candy store to sample a few goodies and shop.

Then we headed to a farmer's market where Paula used to get her fruit and veggies.

Next, we stopped by and saw the school Paula built for troubled boys and the church where her and Michael got married.

They showed us her tiny old home where she first lived when she came to Savannah. I was disappointed they did not take us to her new home. I was hoping have a sit down chat with Paula and taste some her fine cooking. She must not have gotten the message that I was coming. Oh well!

For lunch, we went to her brother's restaurant Uncle Bubba's.

It was fun to see people's faces as we walked right in and sat down. Many of them had been waiting a while I'm  sure.

Since Carmel did the tour with me, we went to a place that interests him. You thought he had died and gone to heaven. are looking at a cemetery.

After about 30 minutes of searching, he finally found a little piece of what he was looking for.

It may be hard to see but the name on the tombstone was Weed.

Since Saturday was our anniversary, he had a special night planned for us. We went to have supper at one of the finest restaurants in Savannah.

The Old Pink House

The food was delicious! They have a BLT salad that was featured on the TLC show "The Best Thing I ever Ate". Of course, I had to order it. It definitely had my approval!

After dinner, we went on a private carriage ride.

Now I will stop right here and not give you the juicy details of the rest of the night. Most of you have had anniversaries so you know. Wink...Wink!

Thank you Carmel for an unforgettable anniversary.
I love You!