Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wanna know what I will be doing Feb 24 2013?

I'm so excited and crazy all at the same time but here it is........


The Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon

Well I'm off to make a tutu for my sister and I......

oh.... yes..... and train as well!

Monday, September 24, 2012

I know what I'm getting my family for Christmas!

Click here to see what just might be the best present for your family too!

Now my house and car can finally have that fresh scent I have always dreamed of!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

He better not get used to this!

 Last Saturday, Griffin was worried about exerting to much energy while cutting the grass. See he had a big game that night and thought working to hard might....well.....take away from his A game. 

I looked outside and saw this........

I don't think he even broke a sweat!

The neighbors let him borrow their riding lawnmower since the 3 we have don't work!

Just in case you were wondering my hubby cleaned out the garage which meant making our back yard look redneckish (that's a redneck word in case you did not know).

Yes, that is a broken basketball goal with flower pots on it, a dishwasher, and a broken lawnmower. If you look closer in the previous photo, you may actually see an old broken riding lawnmower, a old broken bike w/ an engine and tons of car parts.

I guess you could consider us upper class rednecks since ours is hidden behind a fence!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sausage & Cheese Muffins

These were so yummy! They would be great for breakfast or as a snack. 

I got the recipe from here

Definitely a keeper!

Friday, September 14, 2012

My longest project

Have you ever seen a craft or project and say "I could make that!" 

That is me!! 

If I think I can make it, I will always try before I purchase it.

I like nice but love cheaper better!

Right now I have several projects on my to do list but probably the one that has been on there the longest is Laney's room.

Over a year ago, we decided to change her room. She wanted a more grown up room. She decided on the Paris pink with zebra print theme. We have purchased a few things like bedding, a rug and decor but all the major projects are still left.

I bought a small dresser a year and a half ago that needs to be painted. I am in the process of looking for a daybed, dresser and a small desk. I really do not want to buy new( I want a good quality fixer upper) so this is making my project the longest one so far.

When I saw this, I knew I wanted to try it. I looked fast, inexpensive and easy.

Here is the finished project.

I used a zebra print full size fitted sheet. I used ribbon and a rod I already had. I may decide to change the ribbon color once the room is complete. This window treatment cost me $14. The fitted sheet came as a set so I will be using the flat sheet and pillow case for another project in mind.

I love it but most importantly Laney loves it too!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What's that?????

Care to take any guesses?????

Why that would be me whipping up some homemade yogurt!

I followed the recipe here. It was very easy and made a lot. I mixed homemade strawberry jam with part of my batch and made popsicles. Doing it this way was quicker than making Go-Gurts.The kids really loved these as an afternoon snack.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Go Knights!

Well....we are in full swing with football around here. Griffin is playing football again this year but with a different school than last year.  Practices have been long(good thing he can drive) and our Friday nights for the next few months are filled with lights, bugs, screaming and traveling.

Griffin is number 34 this year. I am not sure of the exact position he plays since it seems to change each game. It could have something to do with not having any team stability. 2 quarterbacks quit just before the season started and the main coach was let go last week. 

I can tell the other players  he is much more aggressive this year because he comes home with the evidence.

As you can see most of the pictures I got  from his first game are either from the back or side. Hopefully, I can capture different angles throughout the season.
Being the wonderful mother that I am, I forgot to order football pictures. I guess I will have to get him to pose for me one of these days. Preferably a before sweaty photo!

The sisters cheering on their brother.

When they were not cheering.......

they were blowing bubbles or throwing them like a baton.

We look forward to watching more games this season!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Boiled peanuts

I guess I should say crockpot peanuts.

I have been experimenting with a lot of pinterest recipes here lately. I thought I would share with you the good....the okay.....and the not so good recipes.

Today I will start with boiled peanuts only because I came to this picture first.

These were definitely a keeper!!!!!! They were easy, cheap and yummy! They usually do not last but a day or 2 at our house.

I bought 2 lbs of raw peanuts( at the commissary they are located in a barrel) for $2. I put them in the crockpot, add water until it covers the peanuts then add 1/2 cup of salt. I give it a quick stir and set the cooker on high. These will need to cook for 18hrs.

Here is the recipe from pinterest.

A couple of tips I learned:
* The recipe calls for 3/4 to 1 cup of salt. We found this to be way to much!! 

* If you have a crockpot with a digital timer, you will have to add another 6 hours at some point. Don't forget or it will shutoff after 12 hours leaving you with hard nuts. Yes.....I forgot one time.

* You may have to stir it once during the process to get the peanuts at the top to the bottom for better cooking.

If you like boiled peanuts especially during football season, then give these a try!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Saying goodbye to Summer

Well....I guess Fall is arriving since Starbucks had their pumpkin spice drinks today, the pool officially closed yesterday and we can no longer wear white.

So..... I better finish posting about our summer activities before it becomes known as the post 
"that is soooooo last season"

Each week during the summer, I planned an activity for the kids at church. My children love spending time with their friends from church......and well I like it too! 

Here is some of the fun we had together!

I already posted about our trip to pick blackberries and peaches.

We went to a local art studio to paint. Someone in my family decided he was too cool to paint pottery. He opted to paint a paper towel instead.

We also went to the movies, a fun center, bowling and made puppets at church. I think the highlight activity was the end of the summer water day. 

We had a couple of small pools for the younger ones while the older ones......

 played Wet T-shirt Relay. You split the the kids into teams. Each child has to get the wet t-shirt from the bucket, put it on( not very easy I might add!) and run to the line and back. Once the shirt is in the bucket of water the next child takes a turn. The first group done wins.

We played Save the Water Bombs. Each team had to see how many water balloons they could get to stay in the bowl.

For the next game it was Laundry Day. The first person in line had to get the wet towel from the bucket, pass it over his/her head to the next person and so on. The last person had to wring the towel out in the smaller bucket and pass it back to the front. The first team to fill their bucket with water won.

Hot Water Balloon. This is played just like hot potato except with a water balloon. When the music stops, the person who is holding the balloon is out. Before they are officially out, they have to bust the balloon over their head.

 We had a willing participant who could not wait to be out!

We played Water Balloon Toss.

Probably the most exciting of all was the huge slip n slide (it was actually a Chickfila tarp).

When the kids were not getting wet, they could cool off with a snow cone!

It was a FUN WET DAY!

I will definitely be doing this next summer as well. My kids and I know others looked forward to each Thursday for the Summer Kids Klub.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's that time again......

and this time I had help!

I actually miscalculated  my beans and need 2 more big bottles of vodka. 

In February, we will have another  nice stash of vanilla extract ready!