Thursday, September 20, 2012

He better not get used to this!

 Last Saturday, Griffin was worried about exerting to much energy while cutting the grass. See he had a big game that night and thought working to hard might....well.....take away from his A game. 

I looked outside and saw this........

I don't think he even broke a sweat!

The neighbors let him borrow their riding lawnmower since the 3 we have don't work!

Just in case you were wondering my hubby cleaned out the garage which meant making our back yard look redneckish (that's a redneck word in case you did not know).

Yes, that is a broken basketball goal with flower pots on it, a dishwasher, and a broken lawnmower. If you look closer in the previous photo, you may actually see an old broken riding lawnmower, a old broken bike w/ an engine and tons of car parts.

I guess you could consider us upper class rednecks since ours is hidden behind a fence!

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