Monday, September 10, 2012

Go Knights!

Well....we are in full swing with football around here. Griffin is playing football again this year but with a different school than last year.  Practices have been long(good thing he can drive) and our Friday nights for the next few months are filled with lights, bugs, screaming and traveling.

Griffin is number 34 this year. I am not sure of the exact position he plays since it seems to change each game. It could have something to do with not having any team stability. 2 quarterbacks quit just before the season started and the main coach was let go last week. 

I can tell the other players  he is much more aggressive this year because he comes home with the evidence.

As you can see most of the pictures I got  from his first game are either from the back or side. Hopefully, I can capture different angles throughout the season.
Being the wonderful mother that I am, I forgot to order football pictures. I guess I will have to get him to pose for me one of these days. Preferably a before sweaty photo!

The sisters cheering on their brother.

When they were not cheering.......

they were blowing bubbles or throwing them like a baton.

We look forward to watching more games this season!

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