Saturday, June 23, 2012

Beach Part 2

While we were at the beach, the family did drag get me out of the sun and sand for some other family fun.

We played putt-putt.

This is my niece. I just love to see younger kids play golf. The way they hold the putter and show such dedication. Who else would hit the ball 30 times just to see it finally go in. The pride and happiness they show once it falls in.

I had a friend at church( Thanks Stacia!) make the girls a beach shirt for our trip.

I guess the guys are catching onto the whole matchy matchy wardrobe.

And yes....... just to prove that I was there. 

What is a must after putt-putt at the beach?

Ice Cream.......and lots of it!

Daddy chose to relive those highly missed Sesame Street days by getting Cookie Monster Ice Cream.

Ella must have felt like a hero. She chose Superman Ice Cream. Although......I am not sure how much of it actually went in her mouth.

Later in the week, we went to Destin to do a little outlet shopping( another favorite of mine while at the beach). That night, we met up with some of our good friends from Crestview.

After supper, we went to the beach to chit chat while the kids........

Posed for the camera and ran around.

The boys found better use of their time by playing a competitive game of Tic Tac Toe.

Most nights we stayed at the house and swam, ate, played games and talked. It was nice to get out a few times!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

We interrupt the beach program for a news update

At the end of next month, I will be a stay at home mom again. Although school has been out for almost a month, my official last paycheck is next month. Technically, I am still listed as employed.

2 years ago, I was offered a position at a private school teaching Kindergarten. I was perfectly happy at home and had no intentions of going back to work. I prayed and felt like God had opened this door for a reason (I now know the reasons but won't go into detail about that.). 

I won't lie the first year was hard. Aside from teaching, I had several other obligations I had committed to like writing the 4 & 5 year old curriculum at church, planning  the Ladies Retreat, teaching at church, church scrapbook, etc( yes...we are very involved at church). My kids were also involved in sports with the school so that made for long evenings. I spent the weekends grocery shopping, washing clothes and cleaning. If it wasn't for my family jumping in and helping, I probably would have checked myself into an insane hospital.

I am the type of person that doesn't give up easily. I decided to stay and teach for a second year. I figured my year should be lighter since a few of the above obligations would be ending. I also knew the curriculum, I would have my youngest in my classroom, and I the fact that my kids and I were all in the same location during the day!

Things were going pretty well until I became the basketball coach and  I WAS NEVER HOME! It was then( along with a few other reasons)  that I decided my family needed me home. I guess I was just spoiled with being at home for 8 years. I missed the family time on the weekends, hot home cooked meals( freezer cooking is the only reason we did not eat out every night), shopping during the day when it was less crowded, couponing, excercising......etc.

So I turned in my notice and  packed up my room. 

I am enjoying my family and am looking forward to the next chapter in God's plan for me.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beach 2012

This year for our family vacation we went to Panama City, Fl. We rented a house that was a block from the beach. With so many of us, it was great to be able to walk back and forth. Here is a picture of the house.

Since I have so many pictures, I will be splitting this trip into several post. The first post will be about my favorite spot........the beach. I do not have to go into details about how much I love the beach! You all know about my obsession! 

Picture it? Hear it? Feel it?
This is my idea of relaxing!

If you add the people you love to it then it makes it fun!

Sometimes we can even get some to agree to be buried.

Now we have them right where we want them!

This year we got a house with a pool. I think this will be a must from now on.

Check back to see what other fun things we did at the beach.......including our beach photo session.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blackberry and peach picking at Tom Sawyer Farm

We have planned several activities for the summer with all the kids from church. Our first outing was to Tom Sawyer Farm to pick blackberries and peaches.

 We started with picking blackberries.

Laney invited a friend to go with us. She saw it as bringing a buddy......for was extra child labor. 
We ended up picking 5 filled buckets.

These blackberries were big....

and yummy!

Next, we rode on a trailer to pick peaches.

The man did say we could sample a few.
I think a few in the eyes of a child means 5 each. I caught them once playing baseball. 

I let them each have a bucket for blackberries but we shared one for the peaches. 5 buckets would have been way to many for 1 girl to handle. We may go back later for more :)!

After paying for the fruits of our labor, we ate some homemade peach ice cream and fed the catfish.

It was such a fun day. The kids did not even know they were working. We took some  to the beach where we made a blackberry and peach cobbler. They were delicious!

Monday, June 18, 2012

First Family 5K

I am in the process of training for a half marathon. If I can live to tell about it, then I will move on to a marathon. For right now, I am only committing to the half.

Before you start saying "WOW" or "You are super mom!", let me just say running is not my favorite thing to do.The first night I went running, I thought I was going to die!!!!! I love walking! I always have! It has not been easy but I am up to 6 miles so far. I will be trying to accomplish 8 this week.

I figured I better get my feet wet with a 5K. I didn't want to do it alone so I signed the whole family up for the Chickfila 5K. The hubby and son have done a few already but this was the ladies first time.


I was so proud of the girls!

Here are a few photos from our day. 

Due to the whole family running, I do not have any to share of us during the race. I was not about to try running with my bulky camera. It was hard enough to get myself across the finish line. I am not going to lie THE HILLS WERE A CHALLANGE! Note to self: add a few hills into the training!

These are all before the race. 

This is the only one I got of us after the race.

We look a little hot but still smiling!