Thursday, June 21, 2012

We interrupt the beach program for a news update

At the end of next month, I will be a stay at home mom again. Although school has been out for almost a month, my official last paycheck is next month. Technically, I am still listed as employed.

2 years ago, I was offered a position at a private school teaching Kindergarten. I was perfectly happy at home and had no intentions of going back to work. I prayed and felt like God had opened this door for a reason (I now know the reasons but won't go into detail about that.). 

I won't lie the first year was hard. Aside from teaching, I had several other obligations I had committed to like writing the 4 & 5 year old curriculum at church, planning  the Ladies Retreat, teaching at church, church scrapbook, etc( yes...we are very involved at church). My kids were also involved in sports with the school so that made for long evenings. I spent the weekends grocery shopping, washing clothes and cleaning. If it wasn't for my family jumping in and helping, I probably would have checked myself into an insane hospital.

I am the type of person that doesn't give up easily. I decided to stay and teach for a second year. I figured my year should be lighter since a few of the above obligations would be ending. I also knew the curriculum, I would have my youngest in my classroom, and I the fact that my kids and I were all in the same location during the day!

Things were going pretty well until I became the basketball coach and  I WAS NEVER HOME! It was then( along with a few other reasons)  that I decided my family needed me home. I guess I was just spoiled with being at home for 8 years. I missed the family time on the weekends, hot home cooked meals( freezer cooking is the only reason we did not eat out every night), shopping during the day when it was less crowded, couponing, excercising......etc.

So I turned in my notice and  packed up my room. 

I am enjoying my family and am looking forward to the next chapter in God's plan for me.


  1. So, are you returning to the homeschool community, or will the girls continue at the school in Macon? I wish you luck in whatever the next chapter is. :)

  2. Griffin is going to different private school. The girls will probably be going to public but we will see.