Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beach 2012

This year for our family vacation we went to Panama City, Fl. We rented a house that was a block from the beach. With so many of us, it was great to be able to walk back and forth. Here is a picture of the house.

Since I have so many pictures, I will be splitting this trip into several post. The first post will be about my favorite spot........the beach. I do not have to go into details about how much I love the beach! You all know about my obsession! 

Picture it? Hear it? Feel it?
This is my idea of relaxing!

If you add the people you love to it then it makes it fun!

Sometimes we can even get some to agree to be buried.

Now we have them right where we want them!

This year we got a house with a pool. I think this will be a must from now on.

Check back to see what other fun things we did at the beach.......including our beach photo session.


  1. I'm slightly aggravated that you were so close and didn't get in touch so we could see you all! PCB is not too far, so remember that if you head back this way again.

  2. I did not realize you were that close. I will definitely remember that the next time we go.