Sunday, July 31, 2011

Daddy Daughter Date

Not only should you date your husband but your daughter should as well. 

Ella went on a date with her daddy this past Friday night and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! Ella chose the place to eat( McDonald's of course) and daddy chose the movie( The Smurfs). It was opening night so they had a red carpet, someone dressed as a smurf and lots of other goodies. Afterwards, the went to get ice cream. 

This little girl is still talking about and thanking her daddy for taking her out.

She even got to pick out what she wanted to wear.

Every daughter should feel special and know they are loved by their daddy!

Laney can't wait for her night!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Coupon class and coffee party combined

So I had my first coupon class this past Sunday. I thought it went great! The only problem I had was not allowing enough time for all the information.

The topics we covered were the basics:

1. Why use coupons?
2.  How to read a coupon?
I had a friend tell me her husband said, "How to read a coupon REALLY? You don't already know how to do that?" She found out during the class that there is a lot more to it.
3. Where do you get coupons?
4. How to organize your coupons.

The next topic is the one we did not get to. I may just have to offer a second class just for this one.

5. Know the store's coupon policy!!!!!!

I have to give a shot out to my wonderful photographer for that day!

Remember all of the inserts I got from the recycling center? I was able to share them with all of my pupils.

I am a member of the Brew Crew for Coffee-mate. I was selected to host a coffee party. I figured what would be better than coffee to keep my pupils awake and focused. They sent me 4 coupons for free Coffee-mate creamer, a scoop, samples of creamer, cups and napkins.

Here are the creamers I chose to serve.

Creme Brulee was definitely a favorite!

I gave away the bag along with a few other items. A friend of mine that I met through homeschooling received the bag.

I have been approached by 3 more people to teach a coupon class.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Stowe Family Reunion 2011

Last Saturday, we had the annual Stowe reunion. We meet at my grandmother's church and spend a few hours eating, catching up, playing a game or two and........

taking pictures!

Rebecca won a game and got a dish full of candy.

For some reason Carmel is not as thrilled as Todd about taking a picture with my dad. Watch out Carmel! I think Todd is trying to take your place as favorite son in law.

My sister kept all three of my children the week prior so we could celebrate our anniversary(Thanks Bec and Todd). 

It was nice to have the time with my husband but it felt great to have all my family together again!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Laney's family party

Laney turned 9 a week and a half ago. Instead of having a huge birthday party this year, she wants to redo her room. I will be sad to see her old room go. She has had it since she was born. My mom made a majority of the bedding and curtains and I did a lot of the decorating. I have loved that room! As sad as I am, I must hold back my emotions and realize that my daughter is growing up. Soooo she has decided on a Paris themed not Paris Hilton!

Here are pictures from her family birthday party.

Instead of a cake she chose Oreo cupcakes

in the shape of a 9.

We had a great fun and relaxing birthday!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Johnny G's

My niece Emma stayed with us while her parents took a quiet vacation together. She is your typical fun loving, cute, energetic, active 2 year old. Did I mention active? While I had her, I tried to think of places all the girls would enjoy( Just so you know we did not get rid of Griffin. He has spent a majority of the summer at my other sister's house keeping my nephew.). I knew we had to take a trip to Johnny G's. 

Remember earlier when I mentioned my niece was active, this is for those of you who may be visual learners like me.

Are you ready? Here goes.....

She rode on the cars...

slid down into the balls.....

rode on the dragon ride.......

rode on the train.....

went back to the cars, stood up in the car while it was up in the air, gave her aunt a huge scare.....

back to the balls.......

ran around through the tunnels......

back to the balls where she was trapped and reaching for Laney's help.....

Whew! finally made it out of the balls without Laney's help........

in and jump and out of the blowups......

ride in the token cars.....

race back to the dragon.....

up and down the soft play where she scared her aunt again by losing her balance and doing flips coming down.

Finally..... 5 hours later, I was exhausted and she was tired.

Or so I thought........she woke up as soon as we pulled into the driveway.

 Are you kidding me?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blueberry picking

A friend told me about a park that has several blueberry bushes. It is open to the public to come pick them for free. I am all about getting some free fruit. 

So while my sister was visiting, I thought it would be a good time to get some free hard labor for those free blueberries. 

We were able to pick about 3 bags full before the kiddos gave up
or should I say when this little girl had eaten all she could handle.

I am planning to go back and pick more this week. I can't wait to try several of the blueberry recipes I have found.