Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fish, turtles and snakes OH MY!

After our beach trip, we spent  several days with my parents. 

Here are a few things you may see on their land..........

1. turtles being tortured

I have never seen a turtle run back to water before. 

2. A bunch of flip flopping fish.

Griffin caught several including a big bass.

He had them all in a bucket filled with water. He wanted to show me the big catch of the day but was having trouble finding it in the big bucket. So his solution was to dump them all out.


Well it may not look huge but it is compared to the others in the pond.

3. The 15 year old gets to drive all around the land.......with his sisters.......with no adults. All of sudden.... he finds many task that need to be done. Maybe if I gave him my keys and let him drive around back that would motivate him to clean his room!


Wait a minute!

That is the fake snake used to scare the birds that poop on the swing.

SHEW! I got a little scared there for a minute.

Just another day in the life of  the country folk.

Wreckin I best skedaddle before them there roosters start hollerin.

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