Monday, September 29, 2014

Seeing double all week

That is how I felt last week. It seemed as though everything happened in doubles. We spent 2 full days house hunting, celebrated 2 birthdays, had 2 softball games, 2 field trips and barely got in 2 full days of school. 

I am almost 2 tired 2 continue with this post! See.... there I go again with the doubles! 

Hopefully, this week will be a little slower than last.

I told Ella since she had a big birthday last year( a water park party with friends and a cruise), we were going to keep it very simple. All you perfect moms out there that have it all together.....please skip the rest of this post! We took our child to the store to get her own birthday present....that's how we roll(at least this year!).  She picked out a couple of items for her American Girl.

We took her to a chick restaurant to eat before her game.

Her sweet coach brought cupcakes for her and the team. 

Ella did invite the whole team for Italian ice. I heard about the invite after the game was over.  Several of  the girls were crying because the moms were saying no. We had the late game and it was a school night. I think Ella was trying to find a way to have herself a party.

Maybe by next year, this mom will not be seeing double and have it all together!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Color Vibe 2014

As a part of the girl's PE, I signed us up to do a fun 5k. I did the Color Run  with a few friends last year and loved it. I knew the girls would enjoy the Color Vibe. I am all about having fun while staying in shape. Now....don't get me wrong....there is also a competitive side to me as well. I enjoy watching my running time improve or pushing myself to achieve higher goals. If I didn't, I don't think I  would have trained and completed my first full marathon this past January. 

The Color Vibe is basically the same as the Color Run just a different name. It is a 5K where participants start out clean, they are doused with color throughout the run/walk and cross the finish line colorful from head to toe. We wore white shirts, colorful socks and simple Dollar Tree tutus.

This is the before picture.
 I was hoping to get a good clean before picture but when I came back from a trip to the car the rest of my gang had a precolor packet party! Laney even had it on her teeth.

The Color Vibe definitely supplied a lot more color packets before, during and after the race than the Color Run. They wanted to make sure you did not go home clean!!!!

My sister and her son signed up for the race with us. We started the race altogether but soon after the word go was shouted, my nephew took off. I watched as my 8 year old tried to keep up with her very very athletic cousin. Needless to say she did not stay right behind him very long! It was very hot so my sister and I had to do a lot of motivating and encouraging!

We finished with a lot of color, sweat and smiles!
Of very athletic nephew was one of the first few to finish. He was disappointed it was not a timed race. I guess he was looking forward to a colorful medal. This was his first 5K. I guessed I should have told him.....oops!

After the race, we were doused with even more color during the after party!

If Ella had her way, she would have skipped the race and went straight to the after party!

Aside from the fact that it was hot and the lack of cool water, we had a great time!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cool Cousin Cuddles

My sister and her family came down a few weeks ago for an Auburn game. Since we did not make plans to go to the game, we kept the cousins. It was a no brainer on what to do on a hot summer day.

We packed up and went to the pool!

We enjoyed the water for a few hours until the storm rolled in!

The weather was so nice and breezy that we decided to hang out up under the pavilion until the rain blew over.

We enjoyed a few cousin cuddles while we waited!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

I love the perks of being a military family!

Anytime I find out about an event that offers a free entrance or activity for military, I am always willing to check it out! We have been able to get in free to Sea World, Bush Gardens, Zoos, Museums and more. A few weeks ago, a local museum had a military night. 

As we walked in, we were immediately welcomed and invited to take pictures in the photo booth.

We were fed by a local restaurant. The food was delicious!

We walked around the museum and enjoyed the hands on activities.

Their were rooms set up with  art activities. These were a sample of the art classes offered at the museum. The girls decided to go into the room with clay. We all three had fun with this. There were so many tool choices to help make your individual design unique.

Laney made a high heel shoe.

Ella used a tool to make her design. For the life of me, I can't remember what she made. She also made a bat, ball and helmet. We had to test it out. Batter up!

I made a mama turtle and her baby.

After a quick picture outside in front of the pond, we headed home.

Monday, September 15, 2014

School has started.....the pool has closed......sun is setting earlier......summer is just about over! 
As I was glancing through my pictures on the computer, I noticed there were several events from the summer that never made it on here. Since we enjoy looking back and reminiscing, I figured it wouldn't be right to just forget about part of our summer. Here are a few events that never made it into the spotlight.

Reading Camp
This is the third year we have helped my mom put on a camp for the inner city children. This years theme was the 5 senses. As usual, my mom did an excellent job putting the material and activities together. The first picture are the teachers and the second is our helpers.

I know I have said it before but Laney is going to make a great mother and who knows maybe even a teacher one day.

Stowe Reunion
We had our annual Stowe reunion back in July. We get together on a Saturday for a few hours at a local church. I gave Laney my camera to take pictures while I held my nephew. She must have been eager to have her turn with him because they were quick random snapshots. 

I am glad I checked my camera so I could get some meaningful ones.

Behind every good picture must come a funny one!

Six Flags
For the past several years, the girls have earned a free ticket to Six Flags through Read to Succeed. This was Laney's last year to qualify. I guess we will have to pay or leave her behind next year!

Laney was able to meet up with one of her friends while we were there. This was the after picture from riding Thunder River. 

Mary Poppins

Once I found out that ASF would be putting on a production of Mary Poppins, I knew I had to plan a girls night out. A girls night out would not be complete without my mom so I surprised her with a ticket for her birthday. We got dressed up, went to dinner and attended the show. Everyone must have received word that it was good after the first showing because they kept extending the show dates. 

It was wonderful!!!!