Monday, September 29, 2014

Seeing double all week

That is how I felt last week. It seemed as though everything happened in doubles. We spent 2 full days house hunting, celebrated 2 birthdays, had 2 softball games, 2 field trips and barely got in 2 full days of school. 

I am almost 2 tired 2 continue with this post! See.... there I go again with the doubles! 

Hopefully, this week will be a little slower than last.

I told Ella since she had a big birthday last year( a water park party with friends and a cruise), we were going to keep it very simple. All you perfect moms out there that have it all together.....please skip the rest of this post! We took our child to the store to get her own birthday present....that's how we roll(at least this year!).  She picked out a couple of items for her American Girl.

We took her to a chick restaurant to eat before her game.

Her sweet coach brought cupcakes for her and the team. 

Ella did invite the whole team for Italian ice. I heard about the invite after the game was over.  Several of  the girls were crying because the moms were saying no. We had the late game and it was a school night. I think Ella was trying to find a way to have herself a party.

Maybe by next year, this mom will not be seeing double and have it all together!

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