Thursday, September 25, 2014

Color Vibe 2014

As a part of the girl's PE, I signed us up to do a fun 5k. I did the Color Run  with a few friends last year and loved it. I knew the girls would enjoy the Color Vibe. I am all about having fun while staying in shape. Now....don't get me wrong....there is also a competitive side to me as well. I enjoy watching my running time improve or pushing myself to achieve higher goals. If I didn't, I don't think I  would have trained and completed my first full marathon this past January. 

The Color Vibe is basically the same as the Color Run just a different name. It is a 5K where participants start out clean, they are doused with color throughout the run/walk and cross the finish line colorful from head to toe. We wore white shirts, colorful socks and simple Dollar Tree tutus.

This is the before picture.
 I was hoping to get a good clean before picture but when I came back from a trip to the car the rest of my gang had a precolor packet party! Laney even had it on her teeth.

The Color Vibe definitely supplied a lot more color packets before, during and after the race than the Color Run. They wanted to make sure you did not go home clean!!!!

My sister and her son signed up for the race with us. We started the race altogether but soon after the word go was shouted, my nephew took off. I watched as my 8 year old tried to keep up with her very very athletic cousin. Needless to say she did not stay right behind him very long! It was very hot so my sister and I had to do a lot of motivating and encouraging!

We finished with a lot of color, sweat and smiles!
Of very athletic nephew was one of the first few to finish. He was disappointed it was not a timed race. I guess he was looking forward to a colorful medal. This was his first 5K. I guessed I should have told him.....oops!

After the race, we were doused with even more color during the after party!

If Ella had her way, she would have skipped the race and went straight to the after party!

Aside from the fact that it was hot and the lack of cool water, we had a great time!

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