Monday, September 15, 2014

School has started.....the pool has closed......sun is setting earlier......summer is just about over! 
As I was glancing through my pictures on the computer, I noticed there were several events from the summer that never made it on here. Since we enjoy looking back and reminiscing, I figured it wouldn't be right to just forget about part of our summer. Here are a few events that never made it into the spotlight.

Reading Camp
This is the third year we have helped my mom put on a camp for the inner city children. This years theme was the 5 senses. As usual, my mom did an excellent job putting the material and activities together. The first picture are the teachers and the second is our helpers.

I know I have said it before but Laney is going to make a great mother and who knows maybe even a teacher one day.

Stowe Reunion
We had our annual Stowe reunion back in July. We get together on a Saturday for a few hours at a local church. I gave Laney my camera to take pictures while I held my nephew. She must have been eager to have her turn with him because they were quick random snapshots. 

I am glad I checked my camera so I could get some meaningful ones.

Behind every good picture must come a funny one!

Six Flags
For the past several years, the girls have earned a free ticket to Six Flags through Read to Succeed. This was Laney's last year to qualify. I guess we will have to pay or leave her behind next year!

Laney was able to meet up with one of her friends while we were there. This was the after picture from riding Thunder River. 

Mary Poppins

Once I found out that ASF would be putting on a production of Mary Poppins, I knew I had to plan a girls night out. A girls night out would not be complete without my mom so I surprised her with a ticket for her birthday. We got dressed up, went to dinner and attended the show. Everyone must have received word that it was good after the first showing because they kept extending the show dates. 

It was wonderful!!!!

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