Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"Move In" Day

We have a college student!

I used to be a young mom who looked at others with college kids and thought "I am glad I have a long time before I have to do that!"

Well.........I am on the other end now and it has been sad and exciting all at the same time! I am sad because I do not see him on a daily basis. I am excited for him and his new adventure! He chose to go to Faulkner University so he is not too far from me!!!!! That makes the sad part a little easier to handle!

A couple of Saturday's ago it was "Move In" day. I didn't know what to expect so I just went with the flow. I helped where needed and tried to just live in the moment. 

He is rooming with his cousin. There were so many family members trying to move items in their dorm room that it got a little crowded.

 We stuck around to make sure everything made it into the room and all paperwork was filled out.

After a couple of family pictures, we decided to leave to let them arrange their room and get the first taste of campus life. 

Ella is missing because she was planning to come later.

We came back later in the day for a family dinner provided by Faulkner and a revealing of their room.

Griffin was thrilled to be able to offer his dad a dew for the first time.

The room has since then been rearranged and has had a small couch added.

Part of Griffin's graduation present was a t-shirt blanket. Over the years, I have been saving many t-shirts that I thought would have meaning/memories for later. I was so excited when my mom agreed to make the blanket. I love the way it turned out. She did such a great job! I may have even cried a little from the overload of memories that came rushing back.

Over the years, Griffin has lived in 6 different homes, attended 9 different schools, played 4 different sports and 3 youth groups. That is a lot of memories to try and fit into 1 blanket. 

I know Griffin will have an amazing time over the next year!

I just hope he remembers to study a little in between the fun and late nights!

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