Friday, August 29, 2014

Happy Over 1 Month Late Birthday Post.....because I'm that mom!

Well, I started out wanting to cram several events into one post just so I could say, "I'm all caught up!" I even spent a good 15 minutes choosing those photos and uploading them.   Once I titled this post, I felt bad and decided my child who turned 12 over a month ago deserved her own post! 

So Laney......I love you so much I gave you your own post! 

She is now 12. She is old enough to.....

-sit in the front seat of the car
-be in the youth group at church
-experiment with babysitting
-wear a little make up
-shave her legs

She is all about fashion! 
She went from asking for toys on her birthday to wanting accessories.

Since she had a big going away birthday party last year, we kept it simple. She came back from a mission trip on her birthday. We took her to dinner and had dessert at home. I am glad we did not plan a whole lot because she was tired! She stayed up late every night on her trip and that day they stopped in Atlanta at Sky Zone(several indoor trampolines). 

Ella and I did decorate to make it feel more like her birthday.

The hubs and I managed to sneak in a picture of us on our anniversary. 

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