Thursday, August 21, 2014

Weed Academy is back in session!

 We started school this week and the girl's couldn't be more excited!

Despite the picture, they really were ready to get started. Their adult entertainer had spent the last couple of weeks preparing for 2  and working at one consignment sale, moving big brother into his dorm, preparing for a 2 part Praxis test, researching and ordering mostly all new homeschool curriculum(more on that in a minute), trip to Ga, 4 meetings and taxi driver to one girl who decided to play ball. I am glad school started so I can slow down for a bit. Laney sent me a text the day I was taking my test that said, "Mom come home!!!!!! I'm BORED!!!!!"

The girls had a treat waiting on their desk for the first day. An energy bar and a coffee drink along with a note that said, "Looking forward to a "latte" great learning this year!"

I normally don't share these drinks......can you tell?

I told them to try to dress up a little more this year for pictures. Last year's pictures had both girls in pajamas and one with hair/teeth not brushed. They exceeded my expectations this color coordinating their outfits!

Here is Laney's first day of 7th Grade.

Ella's first day of 3rd Grade.

 A lot of the material we used last year did not work for us so I decided to change things up a bit. Here is what we are doing this year.

BJU Press Literature
Spelling Power
The Winston Grammar
Institute Excellence in Writing
Worldly Wise
Teaching Textbook Pre-Algebra for technology
Apologia General Science
Story of the World(finishing The Modern Age) 
Uncle Sam & You for Civic/Government

For co op classes
sign language
science class

Sonlight Readers
Spelling Power
The Winston Grammar
Handwriting with Tears Cursive
Worldly Wise
Institute Excellence in Writing
CTC Math
Story of the World/Uncle Sam & You
Apologia(trying the same as Laney but may change)

For co op classes
Keepers of the Home

So far they are loving the changes we made!
Of course...... since I am the type of mom that is always on top of things, we are still waiting for their reading to come in.

I would add my son's first day of school photo but I didn't have one.......sniff sniff! This is his first year of college. I will have to share "Move In" day in another post!

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