Thursday, July 2, 2015

Chewacla State Park

I had a field trip project due in my science class so I decided to let the girls tag along. We went to the Chewacla State Park in Auburn. This was our first time going so I wasn't sure what to expect. Ella came prepared with a bag of water, snack, hand sanitizer and a roll of toilet paper. All the things you would need if you were stuck in the woods and needed to go to the bathroom. She discovered these necessities are good to have the last time we went hiking. We enjoyed walking around but our favorite part was definitely the hike to the waterfall. It must be a favorite spot for many people because there were several cars and people in this one area.

 If you love to ride bikes, they had great trails for bikers equipped with some very cool ramps and bridges. There was a lake for swimming which included a high diving board, paddle boats and canoes. There were plenty of places to picnic and playgrounds. It was definitely a place to add to our list of places to revisit.