Saturday, November 23, 2013

A much needed trip back to Ga

A couple of weeks ago, football had finally ended and we were in between weeks of co-op classes. Since we were traveling back to Ga for a wedding on Saturday, we decided to stay the week. It ended up being a much busier week than I had planned.

We attended a wonderful wedding! We have lived a total of  7 years in Ga, and I am still amazed of the treasures that are hidden throughout the town. It was a perfect day for a wedding!

One of the reasons we went back was to have a yard sale. We had so many treasures that needed to find a new home.

Since Griffin came over for the weekend, I told him he could keep the money from anything he sold. A boy  will  part with many things if he can personally pocket the money!

I got off a little cheaper with the girls helping. I promised them they could have friends over to spend the night if they helped. They did make a little cash from their coffee and cookie stand. Notice Ella in her pajamas again!!!

As you can see, I had another helper! He worked for free!

A lady ask me about an item she thought was priced to high. Once I walked over I realized why it wasn't selling.

I told Ella to put a 10 cent sticker on it! In case you are not sure what that's a small Gerber bowl.

After putting everything away, it was time to entertain girls.

Our week was also filled with our regular school work, taking an unexpected trip to the vet for a tick, making several freezer meals for the hubby to eat, an 8 mile run, attending a Christmas craft festival, a good house cleaning,  and visiting with friends. 

Hopefully we can plan another trip real soon!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Field trip to the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts

Several weeks ago, we met up with some family from out of town. We figured the museum would be the perfect place for a field trip. The girls and I arrived a little early and walked the non touchable part of the museum. They had so many great forms of art to see. Some of my favorites were the bonnets made of push pins with pearls on the end, the wall of butterflies made out of records, pictures made from staples, and 3D objects made from recyclable materials.

Once the family arrived, we fed the ducks, huge fish, and turtles.

After the animals were nice and full, we headed inside to the back of the museum which was a little more child friendly.

We sure do have some good looking little boys in our family!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

North America

We are traveling the world this year in school!

Our choice of curriculum is My Fathers World Exploring Countries and Cultures. We will visit the most common places in each continent. Our first stop, of course, had to be North America. We could have spent several weeks in the United States trying learn everything about each state. Instead, the girls picked a state, researched it, made a poster, chose a food to prepare, and had to complete an oral presentation.

Ella chose New York. 

She talked about downtown New York, Statue(yes....if you look closely she spelled it stach) of Liberty, 9/11, and a map.

I guess I should have mentioned what type of clothing to wear when presenting a speech. I tell you this girl would probably wear pajamas everyday to everywhere if she could!

She chose an Oreo New York style cheesecake. We did not have a spring-form pan, so we had to improvise. I don't think we will be opening up a cheesecake factory anytime soon!

Laney chose Louisiana.

She loves everything Duck Dynasty right now. Since that is where they are located, she quickly chose that state. During her presentation, she talked about Louisiana facts and the DD family.

She decided to make Willie's famous burgers. The recipe is located in the Duck Commander book. I forgot to take a picture but they turned out really yummy!

After leaving the United States, we stamped our passports and headed into Mexico. I took several pictures of our Mexican activities and the fiesta but I guess they are on the computer in Ga. We even made a homemade pinata!

Next we traveled to Canada. We learned many new things and looked up on the computer one of the main attractions in Canada.....Niagara Falls. One of those places I have never seen but would love to one day!

At the end of each place we visit, we will try a recipe or two. Laney made Nanaimo bars. They were good but very rich! 

We put them into the fridge to firm up and I forgot to get a picture of the end result.

We also made maple bacon salmon. It was yummy as well!

We are in South America right now......can't wait to share what we learn!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Senior Night

Football season is over, but as usual I am trying to catch up! A few weeks ago, it was senior night for band, cheerleaders and football players. We were asked by the team moms to create a poster for our child. The plans were to have the players sign the back at the pregame meal and for us to hold the poster that night as the players ran onto the field. I didn't have any good football pictures so we had a  mini photo session 15 minutes before school started. Here are a few of my favorites!

The girls and I helped serve the boys their pregame meal. After the meal, we stuck around to help put up a few things for the evening.

 The school recognized the players and the parents. We all went out on the football field and waited for our introduction. Of course, with our last name being Weed.........we were dead last! It was a long wait but we managed to have a little fun!

My mom missed taking a picture of  them handing me a flower. 
That's okay.......
luckily.......I am a great actor!

A picture of us and Griffin Griffin's poster.

After prayer and the National Anthem, it was game time.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tea Time Tuesday

I have been trying to come up with ways to make school a little more enjoyable and not so repetitive. I came across this idea somewhere and knew the girls would love it!

Tea Time Tuesday

Definition: We do our reading for that day outside(if weather permits) with a cup of tea(or other beverage) and a treat.

They look forward to Tuesdays now!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Eno......It's the new hammock!

For several weeks at the beginning of the school year, Griffin kept telling me he and his buddies were going to eno. 

I had never heard that term before! 
Had no idea what it was! 
My first thought, "What does this term really stand for?"

I don't know why he just didn't say hammock. That's what it basically is! I guess that term is old school now.

Note to self: Google new terms/inventions so I can stay hip and current!

So......we bought him one for his birthday. 

He was so sweet to include a lesson on the new way of getting into one of these things. I have included a step by step guide(pictures included) on how to get in one of these things.

Step 1: Place you hands on each side of the eno.

Step 2: Slip one foot in one side of the eno while balancing on the other.

Step 3: Without loosing your grip, quickly place your other foot on the opposite side.


Step 5: Twist the eno in the upright postion.

Now you can relax! 

Getting out.........your on your own!

I think I could have stayed in there all afternoon...........that is.......until I heard the sounds of "I'm next!......It's my turn!" The moment was gone!

All three of my kids in the hammock eno together! I eat up these bonding times!!!

That is until one realizes she has feet and butts on her!

Sharing + eno = priceless!