Sunday, November 17, 2013

Senior Night

Football season is over, but as usual I am trying to catch up! A few weeks ago, it was senior night for band, cheerleaders and football players. We were asked by the team moms to create a poster for our child. The plans were to have the players sign the back at the pregame meal and for us to hold the poster that night as the players ran onto the field. I didn't have any good football pictures so we had a  mini photo session 15 minutes before school started. Here are a few of my favorites!

The girls and I helped serve the boys their pregame meal. After the meal, we stuck around to help put up a few things for the evening.

 The school recognized the players and the parents. We all went out on the football field and waited for our introduction. Of course, with our last name being Weed.........we were dead last! It was a long wait but we managed to have a little fun!

My mom missed taking a picture of  them handing me a flower. 
That's okay.......
luckily.......I am a great actor!

A picture of us and Griffin Griffin's poster.

After prayer and the National Anthem, it was game time.

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