Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween Activities

I am going to combine all our Halloween/pumpkin outings into one. 

It all started with a pumpkin carving at church.

Our finished pumpkin!

Next up was Trunk or Treat. Nothing too exciting! Laney decided to pass out candy with someone else, Griffin hung out with friends, Ella went treating at each trunk and I was left to pass out candy......alone! So here is the only  picture  I took from that night!

Last activity was Halloween.

Since we are staying with my parents who live out in the country, we decided to trick or treat in a neighborhood down the road. 

I have tons of costumes........back in Ga! Luckily, Ella brought her princess/pageant dress. For Laney, we put a couple of pieces together to make her a cowgirl. Maybe I will be on top of things next year!

We had to stop at the front door of my parents before heading to the neighborhood.

The girls racked up this year! They got polish, bottled water, bags of chips, Auburn/Alabama pens, and lots of chocolate. Normally, we get more hard candy than candy bars............not in this upscale neighborhood!

I was just glad to see that people were passing out more than just sweets!

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