Saturday, November 9, 2013

Eno......It's the new hammock!

For several weeks at the beginning of the school year, Griffin kept telling me he and his buddies were going to eno. 

I had never heard that term before! 
Had no idea what it was! 
My first thought, "What does this term really stand for?"

I don't know why he just didn't say hammock. That's what it basically is! I guess that term is old school now.

Note to self: Google new terms/inventions so I can stay hip and current!

So......we bought him one for his birthday. 

He was so sweet to include a lesson on the new way of getting into one of these things. I have included a step by step guide(pictures included) on how to get in one of these things.

Step 1: Place you hands on each side of the eno.

Step 2: Slip one foot in one side of the eno while balancing on the other.

Step 3: Without loosing your grip, quickly place your other foot on the opposite side.


Step 5: Twist the eno in the upright postion.

Now you can relax! 

Getting out.........your on your own!

I think I could have stayed in there all afternoon...........that is.......until I heard the sounds of "I'm next!......It's my turn!" The moment was gone!

All three of my kids in the hammock eno together! I eat up these bonding times!!!

That is until one realizes she has feet and butts on her!

Sharing + eno = priceless!

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