Wednesday, November 20, 2013

North America

We are traveling the world this year in school!

Our choice of curriculum is My Fathers World Exploring Countries and Cultures. We will visit the most common places in each continent. Our first stop, of course, had to be North America. We could have spent several weeks in the United States trying learn everything about each state. Instead, the girls picked a state, researched it, made a poster, chose a food to prepare, and had to complete an oral presentation.

Ella chose New York. 

She talked about downtown New York, Statue(yes....if you look closely she spelled it stach) of Liberty, 9/11, and a map.

I guess I should have mentioned what type of clothing to wear when presenting a speech. I tell you this girl would probably wear pajamas everyday to everywhere if she could!

She chose an Oreo New York style cheesecake. We did not have a spring-form pan, so we had to improvise. I don't think we will be opening up a cheesecake factory anytime soon!

Laney chose Louisiana.

She loves everything Duck Dynasty right now. Since that is where they are located, she quickly chose that state. During her presentation, she talked about Louisiana facts and the DD family.

She decided to make Willie's famous burgers. The recipe is located in the Duck Commander book. I forgot to take a picture but they turned out really yummy!

After leaving the United States, we stamped our passports and headed into Mexico. I took several pictures of our Mexican activities and the fiesta but I guess they are on the computer in Ga. We even made a homemade pinata!

Next we traveled to Canada. We learned many new things and looked up on the computer one of the main attractions in Canada.....Niagara Falls. One of those places I have never seen but would love to one day!

At the end of each place we visit, we will try a recipe or two. Laney made Nanaimo bars. They were good but very rich! 

We put them into the fridge to firm up and I forgot to get a picture of the end result.

We also made maple bacon salmon. It was yummy as well!

We are in South America right now......can't wait to share what we learn!

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