Saturday, September 21, 2013

Last summer post before fall begins

Tomorrow begins the first day fall. I love the fall for many games, fall colors, pumpkins, cooler weather, etc. Of course, here in the South we have to be patient  for the last one mentioned. I figured I would pack in all our ending summer activities into one post. It's quicker and tomorrow I will feel more organized, current and fall ready!

Several weeks ago, we had our last unofficial weekend in Ga. Most of our household goods and hubby are still there so we are not gone for good. It was more like a goodbye for a little while. Our weekend was packed with parties and other events.

Ella and her best friend Allyson. 
Ella had on skates in this picture. That is why she looks almost twice as tall as her friend. Thanks to technology.......... these girls have stayed in touch through texting and videos.

Laney attended her last Gifts meeting for L2L.

Once a month, we would go to a local nursing home after church and sing. It happened to fall on our last Sunday night in GA.

Our last couple of weeks of summer have been spent here in Al. 

We attended the last Biscuits Baseball game of the summer. We love being back near family!

This next one was a must! 

The last day for the base pool to be open. Our family has made a unanimous decision......we WILL have a pool in our next home!

Well that concludes our summer activities. 

We hate to see summer go but looking forward to all that fall has to offer!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Back to Homeschooling

Due to many reasons, we have decided to homeschool this year. We are not new to homeschooling. It has just been a while. Laney was in the second grade and Ella in preschool. When we lived in Georgia, we used Georgia Cyber Academy. The OCD part of me loved it because it was organized, delivered to my door and best of all free.  I had a wonderful teacher from GCA to call for help and guidance. The artistic and crafty teacher in me kept looking for more hands on learning to add to the curriculum. 

Although it has been  more work on my part, I was excited about choosing our own curriculum this year. Here is what we chose:

Laney 6th grade

Reading/Language Arts - Abeka( Laney had 2 years of this when she attended a private school a couple of years ago. I have also taught this curriculum.)
Spelling - Spelling Power
Math - Teaching Textbooks 7 (She is loving this!)

Ella 2nd grade

Reading/Language Arts - Abeka
Spelling - All About Spelling( Ella struggles with spelling so this has been wonderful so far!)
Math - Saxon Math 2 

Both girls

History - My Father's World Exploring Countries and Cultures 
                                                  Story of the World: Volume 4
 Science - Apologia Science: Exploring Creation with Anatomy and Physiology
Health - Abeka
PE - Yoga, walking/running, sports

* Both girls are involved in a Co-Op. 
 *My mom has agreed to teach them life skills throughout the year. Their first lesson was how to plant a garden.

As we get a little more settled and in a routine, I am sure more will be added!

I can't close this post without adding First Day photos.

Yes!!!......She chose her first day outfit.....pajamas! 

We have been in school for about a month now. This is how she comes to the school room most days!

Notice anything wrong in this picture?

One wishes she could be older and the other wishes for the others workload!

Next up, I hope to share our current school room and other activities we've accomplished!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Tap...tap...tap....Is anybody out there? name is Suzy and I am a blog neglect-er.

It all started a few weeks ago, when we........


Saying goodbye is so hard!

started homeschooling,

Friday Night Football began,

Oh yeah.....and training for a marathon!

Now don't hold me to it but I am hoping to get this family blog caught up................ this week!