Monday, June 27, 2011

VBS 2011

This year our VBS was about God's creation. I was in charge of crafts for the 2's, 3's, 4's and 5's. So most of the pictures you will see will be of Ella( since she came to my class for crafts).

The first night, they decorated a pot and  planted their own flowers.

The second night, they made a frame and added a picture we had taken the night before.

The third night, they painted a dinosaur fossil.

The last night, they made a necklace.

My kids had a great time as always!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Parker Reunion

Each year during the month of June, the Parker family has a reunion. This year we went to Pine Mountain.

Let me begin by explaining yesterdays post.
We decided to go to Calloway Gardens to test the new zip line. My sister, Griffin and I were the only ones willing to do it. The only 3 not dressed appropriately. My sister had to put shorts on underneath her dress while Griffin and I needed tennis shoes. Griffin traded shoes with Carmel and I traded guessed it

my dad.

The funny thing........afterwards he did not want to give them back! 

Back to the zip line story.

We change, get suited up with all the gear and............thunder. They close the zip line down!

Before we took all the gear off, we snapped a few photos.

Right after this, the rains came.

Since Carmel, Ella and I only came for the day, Laney took my place the next day. She called me later and said, "Mom, I went down the zip line and I only cried 3 times!"

Here is some of the other fun we had that day.

Ice cream break

A good game of Scrabble.

Dinner that night.
We did not have as many this year to come but we still had fun!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fashion Police.....Where are you?

Someone has committed a crime!

Just because you have on a yellow shirt.......does not mean you can wear Yellow Box shoes!

(explanation will come in tomorrow's post)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What do you do when the power goes out for a few hours?

You have a block party

with sidewalk chalk.

Usually playing with sidewalk chalk last for about 30 to 45 minutes around here. Not the night the power went out. It lasted for hours!

Ella was blue and pink for a couple of days.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The end of our 2 week journey.

I mentioned before about our trip to Al then to Ga and back to Al, GA again and our last stop.... Al. Ella stayed with my parents while we were at camp.  I was planning to swing by and pick her up but my parents wished for different plans for us. We ended up staying for 3 more days. Even though I was ready to be in my own bed it was nice to spend some time with them. 

This was the first time that Ella has stayed with anyone without a parent or a sibling. I heard several times over the phone how much she missed us and was homesick. I also heard about how much fun she had too. I was glad to finally see her after over a week of being gone. 

Don't you just love the way our dog made his way into our picture?

Speaking of Chewy.......

I think he missed Ella too!

Thank you Dad and Mom for taking such great care of my baby!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My First Triathlon

Okay....some of you may be thinking Wow Suzy did a triathlon! Let me stop you right there. The event was called My First Triathlon and no I did not do it. I was   merely the photographer for the event. Carmel asked me several months ago if I wanted to do the triathlon. A few of our friends were going to do it. Although it sounded really good...... doing it would be the problem. With my busy schedule due to work, church obligations and family, I knew I would not have the time to train. I am no FOOL! I would not skydive without a parachute or ride a roller coaster with no strap. I am not going to show up and do something I am not ready for. 

My wonderful husband and fantastic son took on the challenge. After a week of camp might I add( which means no training went on there), we headed to Lake Lanier.

The first thing they had to do was a 1/4 mile swim. The beauty of a My First Triathlon is you can stop to walk in the shallow if you need to. There were so many people coming out of the water at the same time that I missed seeing Griffin. Here are a few of Carmel getting out of the water. WARNING: Put your sun glasses on NOW.........

They had to run to the transition area to pick up their bike for the 12 mile bike ride. 

Laney and I quickly walked to the place of return. Here is Griffin returning from his 12 miles.

After returning his bike, he took off for the 3 mile run. I stayed to wait for Carmel to return. I waited.....and waited........and waited. Worried I might miss Griffin coming across the finish line, I finally left thinking I must have missed him.

Soon after I reached the finish line with camera in hand and ready, Griffin came across!

2 hours and 3 minutes
His first words "I BEAT DAD!" Can you tell we have some male competition going on in our house?
Next, we anxiously await Carmel's arrival. 10 Carmel, 20 minutes... no Carmel, 25 Carmel. I start to get worried when I see the elderly and the more hefty people cross the line. By now, I am thinking he must be hurt.

But wait...........who is behind the 2 women chatting?

Could it be?

Yes, 31 minutes later it is him. Notice how he quickly ran in front of those women. 

His excuse for being so far back? Are you ready?

The wheel on his bike fell no I had not missed him coming in before...... he was busy borrowing a tool to fix it. But wait there is more!  Once he got it fixed, a ladies chain came loose. My gentleman was not going to leave the lady stranded so he helped her.  After getting her up and riding, his chain fell off.  

Carmel and his best friend Scott.

Scott, his wife Jessica( who I never saw) and their kids.

Carmel and his friend Jeff.

After a quick shot of our family, it was time to head out.

My 2 guys did a great job and I am proud of them both for what they accomplished that day!

Maybe next year, they can take over my spot as photographer.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

AP Camp 2011

This year our family minus Ella with Ashton added were able to attend the Apologetics Press Camp.

My friend Cheryl and I were counselors to the 7,8, and 9 year old girls(Laney's age).
Here is where we stayed.

Here was our group of crazy girls.

Laney said she really loved camp! She must have because this is about the only time I really got to see her.

A typical day consisted of ......

Early devo
First class
Second class
Activity time( sports, crafts,swimming, creek)
Nightly activities

Here are a few highlights from the week.

We were split up into teams and played each other in kickball, soccer, basketball, frisbee and volleyball. At the end of the week, the points were tallied and Carmel's team ended up winning.

The kids who did not want to play sports could make a craft. They made things like......

1. A bracelet
2. Tye dye pillowcase
3. Hand stitched bag
4. Basket weaving

I think the bracelet was the most popular among all the campers.

After sports, the girls could swim first and then the boys. Laney and a couple of her buddies Ashlyn and Madison.

Some chose to go to the creek instead to swim or canoe.

We were able to make time for a quick date while we were there.

For the nightly activities, we played games like guys racing to  dress up....

in women's clothing.

As you can see, we had a lot of fun activities to choose from during the week but the best part about attending a Christian Camp is the spiritual growth.  If you are not familiar with Apologetics Press, you can go here to find out more.
 Several different men came to speak during class and at night for worship. Each one spoke of evidences to prove that God does exist. It is amazing that there are people willing to  believe we arrived here from nothing rather than from God.

As we ended a wonderful week at camp, we had to take a few more pictures to capture the lasting memories we made together.

A few from our youth group that went.

Several churches from Montgomery attended this camp. We were so excited to see several familiar faces. These girls were in the same cabin with Laney. In the middle of the week, I overheard one of them telling someone else her last name. Once I heard it, I knew exactly who she was. Her family and ours attended the same church while we lived in Montgomery. Laney and her were babies together. Once I told Laney about this connection, they were instant friends.

Carmel announced, "Griffin would like a picture with some of his friends."

LOOK who all came running!

My friend who helped me keep all those 7,8, and 9 year old girls in line.

We can't wait for next year!