Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My First Triathlon

Okay....some of you may be thinking Wow Suzy did a triathlon! Let me stop you right there. The event was called My First Triathlon and no I did not do it. I was   merely the photographer for the event. Carmel asked me several months ago if I wanted to do the triathlon. A few of our friends were going to do it. Although it sounded really good...... doing it would be the problem. With my busy schedule due to work, church obligations and family, I knew I would not have the time to train. I am no FOOL! I would not skydive without a parachute or ride a roller coaster with no strap. I am not going to show up and do something I am not ready for. 

My wonderful husband and fantastic son took on the challenge. After a week of camp might I add( which means no training went on there), we headed to Lake Lanier.

The first thing they had to do was a 1/4 mile swim. The beauty of a My First Triathlon is you can stop to walk in the shallow if you need to. There were so many people coming out of the water at the same time that I missed seeing Griffin. Here are a few of Carmel getting out of the water. WARNING: Put your sun glasses on NOW.........

They had to run to the transition area to pick up their bike for the 12 mile bike ride. 

Laney and I quickly walked to the place of return. Here is Griffin returning from his 12 miles.

After returning his bike, he took off for the 3 mile run. I stayed to wait for Carmel to return. I waited.....and waited........and waited. Worried I might miss Griffin coming across the finish line, I finally left thinking I must have missed him.

Soon after I reached the finish line with camera in hand and ready, Griffin came across!

2 hours and 3 minutes
His first words "I BEAT DAD!" Can you tell we have some male competition going on in our house?
Next, we anxiously await Carmel's arrival. 10 minutes...no Carmel, 20 minutes... no Carmel, 25 minutes.....no Carmel. I start to get worried when I see the elderly and the more hefty people cross the line. By now, I am thinking he must be hurt.

But wait...........who is behind the 2 women chatting?

Could it be?

Yes, 31 minutes later it is him. Notice how he quickly ran in front of those women. 

His excuse for being so far back? Are you ready?

The wheel on his bike fell off.......so no I had not missed him coming in before...... he was busy borrowing a tool to fix it. But wait there is more!  Once he got it fixed, a ladies chain came loose. My gentleman was not going to leave the lady stranded so he helped her.  After getting her up and riding, his chain fell off.  

Carmel and his best friend Scott.

Scott, his wife Jessica( who I never saw) and their kids.

Carmel and his friend Jeff.

After a quick shot of our family, it was time to head out.

My 2 guys did a great job and I am proud of them both for what they accomplished that day!

Maybe next year, they can take over my spot as photographer.

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  1. wheel fell off...c'mon woman! get it right...the PEDAL came off....LOL! Thanks to a nice elderly gentleman who let me borrow his tools I was able to get back going again...thanks honey for taking the pictures and CONGRATS to Griffin for beating the ole Man....