Thursday, June 23, 2011

Parker Reunion

Each year during the month of June, the Parker family has a reunion. This year we went to Pine Mountain.

Let me begin by explaining yesterdays post.
We decided to go to Calloway Gardens to test the new zip line. My sister, Griffin and I were the only ones willing to do it. The only 3 not dressed appropriately. My sister had to put shorts on underneath her dress while Griffin and I needed tennis shoes. Griffin traded shoes with Carmel and I traded guessed it

my dad.

The funny thing........afterwards he did not want to give them back! 

Back to the zip line story.

We change, get suited up with all the gear and............thunder. They close the zip line down!

Before we took all the gear off, we snapped a few photos.

Right after this, the rains came.

Since Carmel, Ella and I only came for the day, Laney took my place the next day. She called me later and said, "Mom, I went down the zip line and I only cried 3 times!"

Here is some of the other fun we had that day.

Ice cream break

A good game of Scrabble.

Dinner that night.
We did not have as many this year to come but we still had fun!

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