Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why I love people who recycle!

We had another successful day of digging today.

My helper in the background eating a well deserved bowl of ice cream.

Do you see all those stacks of coupons? It is hard to believe what only an hour of digging will get you.

Here is my biggest stack. There are probably over 200 inserts. These were all in the newspapers which were laying on top. Hardly any effort at all to get them.

I also scored several of these.

I will not use all of these so I will be sharing with friends. 

I also share the inserts as well. I have been asked by so many how to coupon. Instead of teaching one or 2 at a  time I have decided to offer a class on the basics. These inserts will come in handy to give for the class. 

I may have to keep my new find a secret or we may  just have to have weekly parties at the RC. Just so you know we did ask and it is perfectly legal to get the coupons.

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