Friday, May 31, 2013

My son has entered the working world!

Griffin started his new job this week! 

My dad got him a job with an electrical company. He is working in the warehouse stocking and pulling supplies.

I was glad that I was in town the morning he started so I could get pictures of his first day. I thought about following him to get a few at work but I didn't want to be labeled as a crazy mother.

I am happy for him and his new experiences but a part of me is really sad! My oldest child is grown  and will be out of the house soon. I really hope this next school year goes by really really slow!!!!

I asked him later how was work. 
He said it was hard and tiring!
Lots of sweating!

Welcome to the beginnings of the real world!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Date with Darius.......I mean my hubby!

Carmel is a huge Darius Rucker fan. I am not sure if it his music or the fact that he is from South Carolina. When he realized he was coming to Ga, he quickly arranged a date night for us. 

We arrived early enough to spread out a blanket and enjoy the opening acts Jana Kramer and Justin Moore. we really got the most enjoyment from people watching! If you ever want to see modest apparel, don't go to a concert. In case you didn't know.......butt cheeks hanging out of short shorts is in this season. That is one style you will not see me in. I pray bodysuits (with locks that have parental control) underneath clothing is in style when my daughters become teenagers!!!!!!

Right before Darius Rucker came on it started to drizzle. 
We came prepared with our ponchos!
 (Our friends Scott and Jessica)

I guess the pouty faces worked because it stopped as soon as we put the ponchos on.

We had a really great evening with some really great music!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fruit Salsa with Cinnamon Chips

Since its strawberry season, I thought I would share a recipe with you.

Fruit Salsa

half cantelope
pint of strawberries
4 kiwi
1 Tbl sugar
1 Tbl brown sugar
2 Tbl of strawberry jam

Dice the fruit and place it in a bowl. Add the sugars and jam( if you want it less sweet only add the Tbl of sugar). Mix well.

Isn't it pretty?

But don't stop there! 
You have to make the cinnamon chips to go with it!

Cinnamon Chips

Bag of fajita/soft taco tortillas
cinnamon/sugar mixture
melted butter

Place tortillas on a pan and brush with the melted butter. Sprinkle each tortilla with a good helping of the cinnamon/sugar. Bake @ 350 for about 8 to10 minutes. Once they are done, let them cool slightly and cut into eighths to make chips.

That is a helping of yummy goodness!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Field Day 2013

 Here are a few pictures from Laney's field day.

I can remember the good old days when kids raced with real eggs. I was shocked to find out these were wooden eggs. Where's the adventure??????

Here are a few from Ella's field day.

Ella was the fastest girl in her class for the 50 yard dash. She had to compete on field day for the fastest 50 yard dash female title.

A little stretching before competing! 

Here is the video of Ella's name being announced and the race. She is the second to last runner.

Ella was fast but the girl beside her won. 
We were proud of her regardless of how she placed in the race!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

When the freezer goes out......

 you make unexpected jam using your thawed fruit!

I had several bags of handpicked blackberries. I had planned to use them for smoothies, cobblers, etc. 

Now.......I see lots of PB&Js in our future.

I had a few bags of strawberries.

One of the things I did with them was flavor my water.
I poured a little of the juice and added a couple of strawberries.
It's pretty and good!

You may have to add a little sweetener if you prefer your drinks sweet.

Speaking of not being wasteful........
Those of you that drink coffee ever have a little left in the pot?

Don't pour it out!
Make iced coffee!

While the coffee is still warm, I add a touch of raw sugar. 
If you like sugar in your coffee, this step is important! The sugar will not dissolve once the coffee is cold leaving you with unsweetened iced coffee.

I usually pour mine into a jar and leave it in the refrigerator until I need it.

When I am in the mood for iced coffee, I pour a glass half full with coffee. 

Fill the rest of the glass with milk.

Add a touch of creamer for flavor( any kind or none at all).

Add ice and a straw!

Now find a nice quiet spot, 
let your mind drift somewhere special
and sip slowly!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I figured I would start off by telling you a story that is bound to make all the mothers out there say to yourselves, "WOW! I am a really good least I didn't_____ !"

It's a beautiful Mother's Day morning. I creep into the kids rooms and say, "Good Morning! Time to wake up and get ready!" I hear a moan coming from my child who is not a morning person( more like a bomb waiting to explode). I lovingly tell her how it's Mother's Day and I did not put moaning and whining on my list of gifts. I leave the room before WWIII starts.

As I am getting ready, my son quickly gives me a Happy Mother's Day nod! I am just glad I didn't get it through a text( the way of communicating with a teen these days)!

The hubs has to be at church early so he takes one daughter and her friend. I finish getting Ella ready and tell her to go out to the car. I relay the same message to Griffin as I run to my room to grab the last few needed items. 

I get in the car and am half way out of the neighborhood when Griffin says, "Where's Ella?"


What kind of MOTHER FORGETS her child on

Mother's Day????

This Mother Apparently Does!

See.......don't you feel good about yourself!

Your Welcome!

After a wonderful day of worship, we went to lunch.....

and then home for cards.....lots of cards.

 Ella's were quite interesting. The above card I thought said, "You are my little butt......" she said it was "You are my life but...." These days both of those quotes would work for me!

The card below said "I love you so muck."

I think we are going to be working on spelling this summer!

My last card was from the whole family which included my gift.

Just in case you can't read it I will share  pictures of it.


Walt Disney World Marathon
First of all.....yes I wanted this gift! 
I loved the Disney Princess Half Marathon so much that I talked my sister into doing the full.

So hopefully when we finish we will feel/look as happy as the man in the picture!

 The rest of the afternoon was spent preparing food for Sunday Night for the Savior.

What better way to spend a Mother's Day evening than writing words of encouragement to others.

I should have titled this post....

A Card Filled Mother's Day!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Many of you may not know Teacher Appreciation Week is this week. Since I am/was a teacher, I like to make the girls' teachers feel special. I want to share with you what the teachers  received all this week.


I forgot to take a picture but we gave them a candle with a note that said, "Thank you for lighting up my year!"


We gave them an ice cream dish with a layer of bath salts on the bottom and bath sponge on top to resemble an ice cream sundae. We added a straw which held a thank you card and a relaxation message.


We gave a cupcake candy dish filled with mints, smarties and Mounds along with a note that said, " You have "mint" so much to me this year! You have turned me into a "Smartie" and have made school "Mounds" of fun!"


I found buckets from the Dollar Tree that were perfect for adding the teachers name using my Cricut. We filled each bucket with school supplies that were bought earlier in year for almost nothing or free from store sales. We added a note that said, "Thank you for supplying me with knowledge this year!"


Today we gave their teachers a coffee cup filled with coffee beans(this added a nice coffee aroma) along with a gift certificate to a local coffee shop.  We wrapped it up and tied a note that said,  "Thanks a "latte" for your hard work!"

We enjoyed putting these together and hopefully made the teachers feel special this week!