Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Date with Darius.......I mean my hubby!

Carmel is a huge Darius Rucker fan. I am not sure if it his music or the fact that he is from South Carolina. When he realized he was coming to Ga, he quickly arranged a date night for us. 

We arrived early enough to spread out a blanket and enjoy the opening acts Jana Kramer and Justin Moore. we really got the most enjoyment from people watching! If you ever want to see modest apparel, don't go to a concert. In case you didn't know.......butt cheeks hanging out of short shorts is in this season. That is one style you will not see me in. I pray bodysuits (with locks that have parental control) underneath clothing is in style when my daughters become teenagers!!!!!!

Right before Darius Rucker came on it started to drizzle. 
We came prepared with our ponchos!
 (Our friends Scott and Jessica)

I guess the pouty faces worked because it stopped as soon as we put the ponchos on.

We had a really great evening with some really great music!

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