Friday, May 10, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Many of you may not know Teacher Appreciation Week is this week. Since I am/was a teacher, I like to make the girls' teachers feel special. I want to share with you what the teachers  received all this week.


I forgot to take a picture but we gave them a candle with a note that said, "Thank you for lighting up my year!"


We gave them an ice cream dish with a layer of bath salts on the bottom and bath sponge on top to resemble an ice cream sundae. We added a straw which held a thank you card and a relaxation message.


We gave a cupcake candy dish filled with mints, smarties and Mounds along with a note that said, " You have "mint" so much to me this year! You have turned me into a "Smartie" and have made school "Mounds" of fun!"


I found buckets from the Dollar Tree that were perfect for adding the teachers name using my Cricut. We filled each bucket with school supplies that were bought earlier in year for almost nothing or free from store sales. We added a note that said, "Thank you for supplying me with knowledge this year!"


Today we gave their teachers a coffee cup filled with coffee beans(this added a nice coffee aroma) along with a gift certificate to a local coffee shop.  We wrapped it up and tied a note that said,  "Thanks a "latte" for your hard work!"

We enjoyed putting these together and hopefully made the teachers feel special this week!

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