Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I figured I would start off by telling you a story that is bound to make all the mothers out there say to yourselves, "WOW! I am a really good mother.......at least I didn't_____ !"

It's a beautiful Mother's Day morning. I creep into the kids rooms and say, "Good Morning! Time to wake up and get ready!" I hear a moan coming from my child who is not a morning person( more like a bomb waiting to explode). I lovingly tell her how it's Mother's Day and I did not put moaning and whining on my list of gifts. I leave the room before WWIII starts.

As I am getting ready, my son quickly gives me a Happy Mother's Day nod! I am just glad I didn't get it through a text( the way of communicating with a teen these days)!

The hubs has to be at church early so he takes one daughter and her friend. I finish getting Ella ready and tell her to go out to the car. I relay the same message to Griffin as I run to my room to grab the last few needed items. 

I get in the car and am half way out of the neighborhood when Griffin says, "Where's Ella?"


What kind of MOTHER FORGETS her child on

Mother's Day????

This Mother Apparently Does!

See.......don't you feel good about yourself!

Your Welcome!

After a wonderful day of worship, we went to lunch.....

and then home for cards.....lots of cards.

 Ella's were quite interesting. The above card I thought said, "You are my little butt......" she said it was "You are my life but...." These days both of those quotes would work for me!

The card below said "I love you so muck."

I think we are going to be working on spelling this summer!

My last card was from the whole family which included my gift.

Just in case you can't read it I will share  pictures of it.


Walt Disney World Marathon
First of all.....yes I wanted this gift! 
I loved the Disney Princess Half Marathon so much that I talked my sister into doing the full.

So hopefully when we finish we will feel/look as happy as the man in the picture!

 The rest of the afternoon was spent preparing food for Sunday Night for the Savior.

What better way to spend a Mother's Day evening than writing words of encouragement to others.

I should have titled this post....

A Card Filled Mother's Day!

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