Thursday, May 16, 2013

When the freezer goes out......

 you make unexpected jam using your thawed fruit!

I had several bags of handpicked blackberries. I had planned to use them for smoothies, cobblers, etc. 

Now.......I see lots of PB&Js in our future.

I had a few bags of strawberries.

One of the things I did with them was flavor my water.
I poured a little of the juice and added a couple of strawberries.
It's pretty and good!

You may have to add a little sweetener if you prefer your drinks sweet.

Speaking of not being wasteful........
Those of you that drink coffee ever have a little left in the pot?

Don't pour it out!
Make iced coffee!

While the coffee is still warm, I add a touch of raw sugar. 
If you like sugar in your coffee, this step is important! The sugar will not dissolve once the coffee is cold leaving you with unsweetened iced coffee.

I usually pour mine into a jar and leave it in the refrigerator until I need it.

When I am in the mood for iced coffee, I pour a glass half full with coffee. 

Fill the rest of the glass with milk.

Add a touch of creamer for flavor( any kind or none at all).

Add ice and a straw!

Now find a nice quiet spot, 
let your mind drift somewhere special
and sip slowly!

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