Monday, May 6, 2013

I love to party at my house!

Especially if supplies the goods!


I have hosted numerous parties from them and all have been a blast!

When I saw that they were looking for hosts for a Keirug party, I knew the request would fill up fast. So I quickly signed up hoping I would be selected. I was so giddy when the email came that I had been selected. The reason I was giddy was because of this......

 they sent everyone a new Keurig Vue V500 Brewer and........

all the goodies to go with it!
(probably close to $300 in value)

I have been wanting a Keurig for quite some time. Who knew being patient would have its perks!

The day of the party I wanted to be familiar with the machine so I do believe I tried  4 of the 7 flavors. Needless to say I spoke a little fast that night!

If you know me then you know I can't just throw things out there and have a party. I like to make it presentable and special. Here is what my table scape looked like for the party.

I took the coffee cups they sent me and used them as a decoration. I added brown shred and a coffee stir stick.

I poured coffee beans in a glass dish along with a few Creme De Pirouline cookies.

I am in no way a straight up black coffee drinker. I think that is why it took me until a couple of years ago to truly enjoy coffee. I was never introduced to the delicious! decadent! yummy! goodness of creamer. I am not talking about the plain powder kind......(yes I am a teacher but I do not prefer chalk in my drink)! I prefer mine with flavor! I decided to make the "healthier" homemade version.

I made (for everyone to see how easy) a  French Vanilla Creamer and Peppermint Mocha Creamer.

We had a great time playing with the Keurig.

Each guest brought a dessert to go with our 4 cups of coffee
Yes..... we were bad!
We couldn't sample just one!

(A few of my guests are not in the picture.....sorry.....I realized I had not taken a group shot until later!)

I know you are probably adding up in your head right now the total number of cups I had in a day.

Well......before you reach for the was 7 cups altogether!

And....yes.....I paid for it later........

when I could not go to sleep until 2:00.....

and woke up every 30 minutes to pee!

My guest were happy when I gave them each a 40% off coupon to use to get there very own Keurig Vue!

A huge thank you to House Party and Keurig for making this the best party yet!

Go to and see if there is a party available that strikes your interest!

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