Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Auburn Tailgating

My sister and her family came down a few weeks ago for an Auburn game. Since they do not get to come down very often, the whole family made plans to travel to Auburn.  My parents have a reserved RV spot for all the home games. There is nothing better than to experience game day tailgating!

  Some people like to get others fired up before the game! This truck drove around playing Auburn's fight song and screaming "War Eagle!"

 We kept it low key! 
The gamecock fan in our family didn't do any hollering but instead offered 2 little girls Harley rides.

One little girl may grow up to be a biker chick. She wanted to leave with the biker dude later in the day!

I don't know how ice cream trucks always come find us.........right before supper!

Leave it to the aunt( yes...Rebecca) to spoil their supper!

 We ate an early supper and just enjoyed each others company.

Notice how Emma is still working on her fast melting chocolate ice cream. We should have put her in Rebecca's lap!

Before the game, I tried to get a few pictures of the kids.

We quickly realized stacking wasn't working!

Neither did the pyramid!


Are you noticing how one child is always missing from each of the above pictures?

However, I did manage to get a few good ones!

Since I did not have any tickets prior to the game, I decided at the last minute just to take all the kids back home so my sister and her hubby could enjoy the game!

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