Saturday, November 23, 2013

A much needed trip back to Ga

A couple of weeks ago, football had finally ended and we were in between weeks of co-op classes. Since we were traveling back to Ga for a wedding on Saturday, we decided to stay the week. It ended up being a much busier week than I had planned.

We attended a wonderful wedding! We have lived a total of  7 years in Ga, and I am still amazed of the treasures that are hidden throughout the town. It was a perfect day for a wedding!

One of the reasons we went back was to have a yard sale. We had so many treasures that needed to find a new home.

Since Griffin came over for the weekend, I told him he could keep the money from anything he sold. A boy  will  part with many things if he can personally pocket the money!

I got off a little cheaper with the girls helping. I promised them they could have friends over to spend the night if they helped. They did make a little cash from their coffee and cookie stand. Notice Ella in her pajamas again!!!

As you can see, I had another helper! He worked for free!

A lady ask me about an item she thought was priced to high. Once I walked over I realized why it wasn't selling.

I told Ella to put a 10 cent sticker on it! In case you are not sure what that's a small Gerber bowl.

After putting everything away, it was time to entertain girls.

Our week was also filled with our regular school work, taking an unexpected trip to the vet for a tick, making several freezer meals for the hubby to eat, an 8 mile run, attending a Christmas craft festival, a good house cleaning,  and visiting with friends. 

Hopefully we can plan another trip real soon!

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