Thursday, October 31, 2013

Homeschool catch up

Boring title I know!!!! 

 I could not think of a clever one. 
I am so far behind in my post that I am going to have to begin a cramming session just to catch up.......especially with school activities. We have tried so many experiments and new activities that I wish I could write a post on each one. For now, I will just highlight the ones we liked the best!

Way back in August, we went on a field trip to the Hyundai plant. It was wonderful! The tour guy really knew how to make it interesting for the younger folk. We were not allowed to take pictures except at the end. I grabbed what I could.

These girls have been practicing driving on an ATV but are still NO WHERE NEAR READY to get behind the wheel!!!!

We attend a Co-Op every other Friday.

Ella takes a literature class(I help with this one) and PE.

Laney takes a class on gardening and Keepers of the Home(I help with this one).

Laney and I went to a dinner theater to see Les Miserables.

We also went to see Ray Parker, Jr. (He wrote the song Ghostbusters.) at the Davis Theater.

We have been visiting the local library quite frequently!

Laney loves anything Duck Dynasty right now. She was Happy Happy Happy when she found out they had Phil's book!

I tried to spice things up for Laney in language. She has been learning where commas go in sentences using sentence strips and macaroni noodles. 

She has also been learning how to diagram many types of sentences.


Well..... I must stop for now!
 I think  you are caught up on the first month of school.

I must get off of here!!!!!
It's Halloween!!!!
 Costume preparation is calling my name!!!!!!

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