Thursday, October 10, 2013

Our School Room

While we are patiently waiting for our family to all be together again, my parents are graciously letting the kids and I stay at their house. We are so grateful to them for opening up their home to us. I am sure it has been a huge adjustment for these 2 retired grandparents. They have had to deal with 2 very loud girls, a messy teen and one perfect daughter. Okay......maybe the last part was a little fib. 

I am sure this is not what they meant when they kept telling us to move back home.

We are finally getting adjusted and seem to be getting somewhat on a regular schedule with school.

As promised, here is our current schoolroom.

Oh wait.........that's my side of the room......the bedroom. However, it does make a great relaxing reading area!

I chose my room because it is upstairs on the far end of the house. It's a little quieter for my parents the girls. It also already had 2 desks in the room and is a great size!

Each girl has a bucket  with her name on it. This holds basic supplies.

To help with organization and my sanity we are using workboxes.
I have really loved this! Their workbooks, books, papers, etc are separated by subjects and easily accessible.

Once they are finished with a subject, their tag is moved to the other side of the drawer. It helps them keep track of what is finished and what is left to do for the day. The last 2 drawers hold work to be finished/corrected and work completed. At the end of the day, I know all finished work is in the bottom and is ready to be checked or graded. 

If for some reason they do not understand something, they each have a mom tag. If I am working with the other child at the moment, they can put this tag up and move to something else.

On the side of their workboxes hangs a small pocket chart. This holds vocabulary words for the week, bible verses, spelling words, etc.

The last part of the room has our meeting table. We do our bible lessons here,  meet with each child individually and stores our games/manipulatives underneath.

Of course, this would not be my ideal schoolroom but it's what we have and I am grateful for it!

Everyday has its a challenges!
Some days I want to pull my hair out! 
Other days.......public school looks really good!

In the end, I know we made the right choice!


  1. LOVE me some Sue Patrick workboxes ;) and totally jealous of all the cruise pictures you are posting! Looks like you had a fabulous time.

  2. I wish I would have done it the last time we homeschooled! We had a blast! Wishing I had more time to finish posting them!