Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ella turned 8

Well, I have not done a very good job with trying to catch up on everything! I have lots to share with you which includes 2 birthdays, a cruise, homecoming and  school activities.

I guess I will start with Ella turning 8 before another year slips by and she turns 9. 

Since she had a birthday party with her sister a couple of months ago( she wanted one with her friends from Ga), we kept her birthday simple. Well.......as simple as we could since we were leaving on a cruise a couple of days later!

We decided to call it "Freebies for Ella Day"!

 She had received a birthday card in the mail from Toys R Us along with $3 to spend. Besides Happy Birthday, the card told her they had a special surprise waiting for her on her birthday. She mentioned to several people that Toys R Us was throwing her a surprise birthday party. I did have to let her down gently and tell her that is not what they meant. Once we arrived, The store did give her a balloon, a birthday crown and announced her birthday over the speaker. Even though it wasn't a party, they did make her feel special!

She is a smart shopper like her mother! She chose a craft that was on sale and under $3.

Next, we headed to Build A Bear. She received $5 to spend on anything in the store. She chose a tiara and wand for her bear. Under budget again I might add!

That evening we went to her choice of restaurant....Zaxby's. She  received a  birthday card along with a coupon for a free meal but we had used the coupon a week prior. Several members of the family met us there to help celebrate.

After supper, we headed back to my parents for a hot fudge sundae cake. If you are old enough or even still have a Shoneys by you, then you may recall the yummy  goodness I am about to show you!

Ella decided on Oreo ice cream for the middle instead of vanilla. Both kinds are yummy!

Our family is still in transition so her daddy was not able to be there in person for her birthday. We did the next best thing.............


Maybe one day someone will upgrade Facetime into 3D-Pop-Your-Head-Out-So-You-Can-Have-A-Bite Of-Caketime!

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