Friday, October 11, 2013

2013 Parker Cruise....... Day 1

Each year my mom's side of the family gets together after Thanksgiving and once in the summer. This year marked the 10th year since my sweet grandmother's passing. My cousin who plans all of our activities for the summer decided to go big this year. We went on a cruise to the Bahamas! This was the first time for the kids to go on a cruise. 
We left for Fl on Griffin's birthday. We did not get to do much on his birthday due to packing and traveling. I don't think he minded since he was missing 3 days of school and getting to go on a cruise. These are the only pictures I got of him on his day.

 The next day was departure day.

After we boarded the ship, we went to check out our room.

After a peek into our room, we became familiar with our surroundings.

We spent a lot of time here!

We stayed up top to watch as we set sail for Freeport.

After enjoying the views and feeling the breeze, it was time for supper. Each night we had reserved seating at 6:00 in the fine dining room. Our kids do not get a taste of fine dining very often......chairs pulled back for them, napkin placed in the lap, several pieces of silverware, order whatever you want including dessert, etc.  I  think they were a little spoiled from the trip. I am still trying to get them to put their own plates away!

Here is a picture of each table.

Each night, you had several options on the menu. The chef  had  an option that was basically called "eat  if you dare". When it comes to eating, Griffin is my adventurous one. He chose the daring dish each night. It was food like snail and alligator.

After supper, we went back to the room for a minute. This cute little towel animal was left on our bed.

Later that night, a few of us visited the spa for a very relaxing message, facial, and foot treatment. 
It was heavenly!
I wish I could have afforded that special treat every night!

After parent time was over, we took the girls to swim and then called it a night.

Next up.........Freeport!

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