Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cruise day 2.....Freeport

After traveling all night, we arrived in Freeport. A few of us decided to get off the ship and check out what the Freeport Market had to offer. 

If you have ever been on a cruise, then you know the photography staff love to take as many pictures of you as you will allow. One photographer at dinner told me to get with my boyfriend for a photo. I took one with my husband instead! 

As we were coming off the ship we heard.........I take you photo?........photo with Chiquita?......photo with the pirate?..........photo with family?.......now photo of you?


I got it covered!

Note to self: Get Laney some glasses!

After taking our free photos, we walked around the market. 

A couple of girls got their hair did. 

The lady did a great job! 2 weeks later and the hair wrap is still in. My sis enjoys pampering my girls and making them feel special. Thanks Bec for the treat!

Once we finished looking around, we boarded the ship and spent the rest of the day on the water slides.

That night at supper, our waiters sang Happy Birthday to Ella and Griffin. Their birthdays are a day apart and happen to fall the same week as our trip.

One waiter made Griffin a special hat out of a napkin! Doesn't he look just precious in a big pink bow?

Here is most of our cruisin crew!

Our nightly ritual, after supper, was to check out our new towel animal left on the bed. That night it was a......


Later that night, a few of the Parkers that can sing (or attempt to sing) took a turn at karaoke.

Yes......the girls above rocked the song...... Ice Ice Baby!

Check back soon for Day 3......Nassau!

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