Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Our last day

Our last day on the ship was spent at sea. This was the one day I actually got up early. I wanted to get in a run before we met for Sunday worship. Running on a ship that was bouncing up and down was quite different than on land!

After grabbing a quick bite to eat, we headed to a reserved room for our family to worship God. Not only was this our first time to worship on a ship but also.........

many of us were in our bathing suits (Yes...we had a cover up!).

The place that was reserved was in a bar.

We sat beside a statue of Buddha.
The room was called Passage to India.

God says the place of worship doesn't matter......RIGHT???????

As long as 2 or more are gathered......
Worship in truth and spirit.......
Include all the acts of worship.

After church, we spent the rest of the day enjoying the ship.

A good portion of our day was spent with the kids enjoying the water slide while some of us enjoyed some zzzzzzzzzzzz's!

Later that night, we enjoyed fine dining one last time.

The nightly entertainment......a show

which eventually led out into the main foyer. It was like a huge boat party!

Ella showing off her t shirt she made at kids camp. 

We decided before heading off to bed, we wanted to enjoy the ocean breeze one last time. We found a few relaxing chairs on the upper deck.

No my child is not enjoying an alcoholic drink. 

We headed back to our room to be greeted by this little guy.

our last towel animal.......an elephant.

We had a blast on our first family cruise!

My hubby, who gets motion sickness very easily, did quite well on this trip. 
Maybe there is a chance for a Disney cruise in our future!

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