Thursday, October 16, 2014

Another season done

Ella finished up her second season of softball this week. I think she may follow in her mother's footsteps and continue with this sport. 

She was on the Pink Pizazz team. During fall ball, the league is a little more relaxed and use it as a learning opportunity. Many of the girls on our team had only played one season or this was their first time. A more relaxed season seemed great until we realized several of the other teams were travel ball teams or all star teams. This made the competition extremely unbalanced and just plain not fair!! However, the girls learned a lot and improved a great deal over the season. 

I love the way the team circles up after each game and prays!

As you look at these pictures, you may be wandering why my child is towering over the other girls. This league is for girls ages 6-8. Ella was still 8 when we signed her up to play so she is over 2 years older than many of the girls on her team. One girl turned 7 the night these pictures were taken. Sadly, Ella moves to the next league and will not be playing with these girls next season. 

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