Friday, October 24, 2014

National Fair

Due to our schedule this year, we were not able to go to the fair as a family.  Since we were not able to go to the fair last year, I decided to take the girls myself. After looking at the best and most inexpensive time to go, we were left with a Tuesday morning. My girls were not too thrilled when they found out we would not be riding any rides. They did not open until 5:00. Since Ella had a ballgame that night,  we had to leave before they opened. We counted the fair as a field trip and enjoyed some animals, arts and crafts, food, shows and even a little PE time(running up and down steps). 

I heard several times from Laney how it's not fun if you don't get to ride rides.

In my defense, I did offer to walk down and look at them!

I got the...... your so lame look!

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