Saturday, July 30, 2011

Coupon class and coffee party combined

So I had my first coupon class this past Sunday. I thought it went great! The only problem I had was not allowing enough time for all the information.

The topics we covered were the basics:

1. Why use coupons?
2.  How to read a coupon?
I had a friend tell me her husband said, "How to read a coupon REALLY? You don't already know how to do that?" She found out during the class that there is a lot more to it.
3. Where do you get coupons?
4. How to organize your coupons.

The next topic is the one we did not get to. I may just have to offer a second class just for this one.

5. Know the store's coupon policy!!!!!!

I have to give a shot out to my wonderful photographer for that day!

Remember all of the inserts I got from the recycling center? I was able to share them with all of my pupils.

I am a member of the Brew Crew for Coffee-mate. I was selected to host a coffee party. I figured what would be better than coffee to keep my pupils awake and focused. They sent me 4 coupons for free Coffee-mate creamer, a scoop, samples of creamer, cups and napkins.

Here are the creamers I chose to serve.

Creme Brulee was definitely a favorite!

I gave away the bag along with a few other items. A friend of mine that I met through homeschooling received the bag.

I have been approached by 3 more people to teach a coupon class.

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