Monday, July 25, 2011

Center For Puppetry Arts in Atlanta

During the school year, I took my class to the Puppetry Arts. I guess since I brought them there, the Arts sent me 4 free passes to visit again. When my sister said she was coming for a visit, I knew it would be a great time to go. 

We saw Cinderella Della Circus. It was based on the story Cinderella just told a little differently. I took 1 picture of the girls in the theater before I was quickly told NO PICTURES!

After the puppet show, we headed upstairs for the puppet workshop. We made an elephant string puppet. Well.....some of us worked......

while someone wanted to dump everything out.

After we finished making and decorating our puppets, it was time for the show.

Now when you are left in a room unsupervised and you see a huge kings  head, it is very hard not to pick it up.

This king looks a lot like her daddy

or maybe its her mother.

After leaving the Arts, we headed over to The Varsity for lunch.

Someone enjoyed her food!

We had a fun filled day!

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